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The Book of Know Something Important…Jeepneys!

Unlike other modes of transportation around the world, jeepney drivers can stop anywhere. Just ask them nicely though and there’s also a magic line for that which is: “Ma, para po”

Chito Miranda and Silvertoes: Did this offend you?

We all probably know the news that has been going around when Chito Miranda mentioned a couple of lines during one of their...

Patikim ng kwek-kwek mo.

Are you hungry on your way home or maybe short in cash, butt starving, and could eat a chest full of eggs? I present you the legendary street food tag-team ‘kwek-kwek’ and “Tokneneng”!

The Book of “Know Something Important”

Part 2: Shelter and Rough Waters Being a tropical country, your guiding light for...

The Book of “Know Something Useful”

Part 3: Basic Tagalog Manong tatawad ba kayo? Saan kayo pupunta? Ano ang hanap nyo? Kamusta kaibigan? Doon...

Korean Storm Surge: HALLYU

Anyeong Nangyari Sa Atin?! Let us start things slow on this one ok? I, personally, will not rush...

The Real Pinoy Adjustment!

We tend to believe in various superstitions that can be downright silly in a way. Most of the times, we Real Pinoys take these enigmatic beliefs just before the New Year comes.

The great DEPRESSED Pinoy

There is an estimated 6 individuals in the Philippines who commit suicide every day. This is basically a rough and small number if you were to look at it straight but if you peer through the window and see it in a different light… That is 42 Pinoys per week, 168 Pinoys per month, and 2016 Pinoys PER YEAR.

LGBTQ and its current problem.

After a long hiatus, WE ARE BACK ON TRACK! And what better...

The Southside | Part 3

Day two Bantayan with island hopping. I am pretty sure you are going to ask me, “NO ISLAND...



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Netease releases a new breed of MOBA! “THE EXTRAORDINARY ONES”!

A new MOBA that features anime-ish feel and gameplay. Netease has clocked the game for CBT and will run till April 29, 2019 and after that, all data will be wiped before its official launch! Read on!

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