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The Forgotten Sunset

Remember the time we found out that a number of our Senators were accused of graft? We stood and sat behind a TV screen and watched. We complained… a whole lot! Some of the people who were accused, are (once again) running for a chance at another term in the senatorial race; and yet, what do we do? The vast majority of us are just… passive.

Patikim ng kwek-kwek mo.

Are you hungry on your way home or maybe short in cash, butt starving, and could eat a chest full of eggs? I present you the legendary street food tag-team ‘kwek-kwek’ and “Tokneneng”!

The Book of Know Something Important

Respect thy elders The way of respect is usually the way to go. And we Pinoys are no strangers...

The great DEPRESSED Pinoy

There is an estimated 6 individuals in the Philippines who commit suicide every day. This is basically a rough and small number if you were to look at it straight but if you peer through the window and see it in a different light… That is 42 Pinoys per week, 168 Pinoys per month, and 2016 Pinoys PER YEAR.

Quick buck with a touch on your screen!

You probably heard about this info from your friends or from someone you know, but this is definitely a topic you don’t want to miss. Today, you’ll be reading the steps on how to create and set up a load wallet. This is business opportunity for anyone who wants to start up small!


You will see these small slices of street food heaven at almost any place. That first left turn you take from home to school, stores where you usually buy all your necessities or if you’re lucky, you might see these stalls outside your house!

The Southside

Cebu, B! In middle of all the goo-ga happening in the country, apparently one person from our team was...

The Good, the FLOOD then the Ugly.

España, Manila has now been downgraded from a clean and quiet expanse to an enormous, flood-prone heap of concrete. They have plastered asphalt on the roads far too much that every time it rains, it’s like a scene from the movie Jumanji! In a mere 2-3 hours of non-stop rain, the black asphalt road that stretches from Recto, Manila to Quezon City turns into a raging torrent of filthy water. And this is not just the typical flood that you’re used to. This unclean liquid intensely flows! Forget about rubber boots because the water is waist deep (sometimes worse).

Goodbye Summer… Hello Rain and Flooding!

Did you get stranded last Wednesday? Well, guess what? Rainy days are here again! Plus TRP's tips on how to embrace the rainy season.

How to clean/declutter your home in 10 easy steps

It's summer! And what better time to do your purging/house cleaning than now! TRP's Maven gives you tips on how to fix...



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Netease releases a new breed of MOBA! “THE EXTRAORDINARY ONES”!

A new MOBA that features anime-ish feel and gameplay. Netease has clocked the game for CBT and will run till April 29, 2019 and after that, all data will be wiped before its official launch! Read on!

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