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A sour and meaty soup?! Get outta here!

Ever heard of a dish that can make your face cringe and then others’ mouth water? Well, this is it!

OUR TIME IS NOW (Not A John Cena Article)

The time is now. When your voice is going to be heard from all over the nation with the use of one piece...

Korean Storm Surge: HALLYU

Anyeong Nangyari Sa Atin?! Let us start things slow on this one ok? I, personally, will not rush...

Trend Spotting!

Ok let’s take a look at a couple of pictures first. This is...

Tagal ko nang ngumunguya may pleybor parin!

Twenty Three, 23, Bente Tres, XXIII, Dalawampu’t Tatlong taon! (Twenty Three Years) You’re looking at the number of years the longest-running gag show in the Philippines. None other than Bubble Gang!

The Real Pinas

8:00 AM MNL time. Take a look outside your window. What do you see? Open it. Take...

Chito Miranda and Silvertoes: Did this offend you?

We all probably know the news that has been going around when Chito Miranda mentioned a couple of lines during one of their...

The Real Pinas Talks: Ingles Titser (English Teacher)

TRP's interview with a person nearest his heart. His grandmother.


You will see these small slices of street food heaven at almost any place. That first left turn you take from home to school, stores where you usually buy all your necessities or if you’re lucky, you might see these stalls outside your house!

What happened to The 2019 Philippine Election?

TRP's take on the mid-term elections. Still scratching my head here.



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Netease releases a new breed of MOBA! “THE EXTRAORDINARY ONES”!

A new MOBA that features anime-ish feel and gameplay. Netease has clocked the game for CBT and will run till April 29, 2019 and after that, all data will be wiped before its official launch! Read on!

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