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Head Writer

The Turk Effect is the feeling you get when you understand just how incredible it is that a small, island nation can have so much influence on the whole world. It's my great pleasure to bring you the words that paint those pictures.

Editor In Chief

Maven is a gypsy of sorts. She's a travel bug with a huge apetite for wanderlust. When she's not advocating for social causes, she's likely in her head planning her next adventure, and interviewing the people she meets along the way.

Foreigner Connection

Hailing from across the oceans, I find myself on a journey...not to understand the Philippines for the first time, but to relearn everything I thought I knew. At the same time, I bring an expat's perspective to the table that I hope some may find useful. It's my pleasure to meet you. Let's have a great conversation!


This is the Philippines. Real Filipinos making life happen!

The Real Pinas is a place that focuses on the real heroes of the Philippines...the REAL Filipinos. Not the celebrities or the politicians, but the hard-working people who make each day count. It's a journey across provinces and barangays to see what real Filipinos think and feel on a wide variety of topics that affect them. It's also a great place for foreigners and expats to learn about this amazing culture. So gather 'round and share some tales, won't you?