The Turk Effect


The Turk Effect is the feeling you get when you understand just how incredible it is that a small, island nation can have so much influence on the whole world. It's my great pleasure to bring you the words that paint those pictures.

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Finally, an all in one ID!

What are the steps you need to do for the UMID card. Read on and find out.

Courtship is dead?

To the Pinoy men who read this. Do you remember the...

A Gruesome Crime in Silawan and...

Pinoys are no strangers to murders but this one was more than an eye-opener. The news shook the Pinoy community on all age brackets. This crime was like a message wrapped in a year old newspaper with no letter on it. This surprised us all… No one expected something like this to be on the news. It was beyond saddening, it was horrendous and downright disgusting!