Ever heard of a dish that can make your face cringe and then others’ mouth water? Well, this is it!


You will see these small slices of street food heaven at almost any place. That first left turn you take from home to school, stores where you usually buy all your necessities or if you’re lucky, you might see these stalls outside your house!
No snow, no snowmen, no socks, no chimney… That’s just a couple of things we’re missing out on Christmas. We don’t get the luxury of spending the Christmas season with thick sweaters and play around outside to...
Are you hungry on your way home or maybe short in cash, butt starving, and could eat a chest full of eggs? I present you the legendary street food tag-team ‘kwek-kwek’ and “Tokneneng”!
If ever you catch a guy shouting this, you will see him carrying a basket full of eggs and a bunch of small plastic bags hanging around the basket. These eggs are called balut. A local delicacy where they boil a ducks egg and…(Wait a minute, I am not writing this for a recipe article!)

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