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TRP's take on the mid-term elections. Still scratching my head here.
The time is now. When your voice is going to be heard from all over the nation with the use of one piece of paper. The face of prominent figures is going to rear its head on our Television...
The rough history of Pinoy's Tunog Kalye


Monday, Mazinger Z Tuesday, Daimos Friday, Voltes V!
There is an estimated 6 individuals in the Philippines who commit suicide every day. This is basically a rough and small number if you were to look at it straight but if you peer through the window and see it in a different light… That is 42 Pinoys per week, 168 Pinoys per month, and 2016 Pinoys PER YEAR.
We tend to believe in various superstitions that can be downright silly in a way. Most of the times, we Real Pinoys take these enigmatic beliefs just before the New Year comes.
Do you remember back in the early 2000’s, when you rushed to your desktop computer or nearest internet café/computer shop to play your favorite MMORPG, RPG, FPS, Strategy games, MOBA, etc? That was the golden age of gaming.

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