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The time is now. When your voice is going to be heard from all over the nation with the use of one piece of paper. The face of prominent figures is going to rear its head on our Television...
What are the steps you need to do for the UMID card. Read on and find out.
There is an estimated 6 individuals in the Philippines who commit suicide every day. This is basically a rough and small number if you were to look at it straight but if you peer through the window and see it in a different light… That is 42 Pinoys per week, 168 Pinoys per month, and 2016 Pinoys PER YEAR.


Monday, Mazinger Z Tuesday, Daimos Friday, Voltes V!
RA 1235 mandates all motorcycle riders to have double plates. at requires all motorcycles to have two, yep, double plates installed. One in the back and one in front. According to the law which was signed by our President on March 08, 2019, it should be readable in at least 15 meters from the motorcycle to the one reading it.
What is happening with this Doble Plaka law? They cannot seem to decide proper on whether they need to have this regulated, implemented or suspended. At this point I am not sure about...
April 22, 2019. A magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit Luzon real hard that it did not just shake the soil, asphalt, and concrete; but even our very souls. According to the latest report, the Earthquake has reached...
Ever since the boom of off-shore jobs, the Philippines was one of the countries that jumped right into the bandwagon to support the large-scale companies all over the globe. The brunt of...
The final days in Hagnaya All good things must come to an end sooner or later… This is my friend’s last statements about the island in Cebu and how they spent their last...
What we know so far The woman was arrested March 31 due to illegal gambling and all the while when she was in prison she was rushed at the Biñan Community hospital and there she was...

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