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Helpful information every visitor to the Philippines should know.

TRP's take on the mid-term elections. Still scratching my head here.
What are the steps you need to do for the UMID card. Read on and find out.
They say that love makes the world go around. But in this modern age of shiny distractions, how do Filipinos keep the romance strong with so few outlets to show that affection? Let's talk about dating in the Philippines.
Ever heard of a dish that can make your face cringe and then others’ mouth water? Well, this is it!
Unlike other modes of transportation around the world, jeepney drivers can stop anywhere. Just ask them nicely though and there’s also a magic line for that which is: “Ma, para po”

The Real Pinas

8:00 AM MNL time. Take a look outside your window. What do you see? Open it. Take a long, hard drag through your nose. What do you smell? Focus your energies and...
Respect thy elders The way of respect is usually the way to go. And we Pinoys are no strangers to respect especially when it comes to the elderly. If you happen to visit the...
Part 4: Basic Tagalog again! Did you know that Pinoys are very fond of Bargaining? Well,you will be surprised that if you try to haggle, just like normal Homo Sapiens who wish to make...
Part 3: Basic Tagalog Manong tatawad ba kayo? Saan kayo pupunta? Ano ang hanap nyo? Kamusta kaibigan? Doon kayo pumunta ser. Lunes po ngayon at bumalik nalang kayo bukas.
Part 2: Shelter and Rough Waters Being a tropical country, your guiding light for your trip must be a random website you checked saying that they’re the best and...

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