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Stories about the hard workers of the Philippines

Push forward and push hard Do you remember when you were a kid and you used to ride those big toy cars around or a beat up old cart lying around your neighborhood playground?...
Ever heard the term, “STUDY HUB”? No? Because you probably are still holding up seats in Starbucks and ordering a small cup of coffee… Oops? Shots fired? Nah! I do it as well if that’s any consolation....
Image courtesy of Myron Sta. Ana

The Blow by Blow

The trail of Filipino Boxing goes down a long way and the battles fought are not brawled easily. Every round a Filipino boxer takes is a fight to survive. Not just to endure...
Ever since the boom of off-shore jobs, the Philippines was one of the countries that jumped right into the bandwagon to support the large-scale companies all over the globe. The brunt of...

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