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LGBTQ and its current problem.


After a long hiatus, WE ARE BACK ON TRACK!

And what better topic for us to focus on other than the current LGBTQ issue that happened in a bathroom mall.

Now what’s up with that?! I did not get the whole video but from what I saw on the snippets, the transwoman was being escorted in a very brute way. When I say brute, the woman who did the escorting was dragging her by the arms and was walking really fast! Good thing that the thing was caught on tape. This enraged the majority of our netizens, especially the LGBTQ community.

Just to give a brief overview of what transpired according to gmanetwork.com, a transwoman (Gretchen Custodio Diez) was led out of the women’s comfort room by a janitress and told her to use the men’s restroom instead. But, Diez went back and proceeded to do a video recording of what has happened. Which in return, a lady guard handcuffed Diez and brought her to the nearest police station.

Various negative posts were written in lieu with the action that the mall management and its staff (Lady Guard and the Janitress) took.

The story went viral on the get-go. It hit the ground running when political names jumped in like, Geraldine Roman (Bataan Congresswoman) who is also a transgender. And Senator Risa Hontiveros who made a very strong statement that the discrimination has got to stop.

And there I was watching on the sidelines, disgusted by the acumen but at the back of my mind, I was waiting for something more interesting to happen.

And then August 17, 2019 at exactly 10:01pm. A post from A Fatima’s Report caught my Pinoy Eyes. It says, “Ipinagsisigawan ang Gender Equality pero mas nagmumukhang Special Treatment ang ipinaglalaban” and then at the bottom, it says, “Hindi kesyo nag-adjust yung ari ninyo dapat din mag adjust yung mundo!”

Now we’re on to something eh? Now if you do not know what The Fatima’s Report is, it’s a page on Facebook which focuses on religious youth news. I never got the time to research more into their page because apparently the way they were aiming on the issue was… let’s just say disgusting. They were talking trash posting things like, “Butthurt yung mga transformers kapag mabasa ito.”

Well there goes your religious upbringing eh?

We will not talk about their group but rather the two sides of the coin that we see right now. Pinoys are typically religious and often avoid head-on physical confrontations. But with the boom of keyboard warriors, this changed a lot! People have been voicing out their opinions even if it is skewed. Just like this one.

I wanted so bad to reply to this post but I opted to be the better person and avoided the clash altogether. Or maybe I just do not need the extra headache, because as I read the replies and the comments coming from the group, it looked like a high school student was behind the keyboard and he/she was having the biggest angst in his/her entire life! I ain’t gonna mess with that!

However, the thing here is… Upon reading their post from where they said that the LGBTQ sounded like they were looking for special treatment, well to the layman’s eye it might look that way but if you were to listen to their side completely, you will then understand where they are coming from.

If you were to ask my opinion on this issue, I will say that I am with Diez on this one but she definitely took a few steps irrationally.

In the first place, you cannot control what others will think ok? Not everyone will be pleased with what you fight for. Just look at the two sides that have been fighting ever since the President got elected. Not everyone will agree on your opinion just because they did something wrong to you the first time or the second or the 100th time.

Though in my Real Pinoy opinion, I will honestly say that the ‘T’ in LGBTQ has the most tough or threatening path ahead of them. I mean, it’s no serious decision to go through with what they did. I am pretty sure they did think about once or twice about the repercussions but still went through with it.

I remember back when Caitlyn Jenner went out of the closet and made a grand entrance. As a heterosexual male, I was surprised by how the media on his country accepted him becoming her. I was thrown back by how warm the welcome is, which is a good thing! To be honest, it was a big leap from mere understanding their status to socially being accepted. These are one of the moments when I celebrate human kind for its never ending evolution of the mind. I do not want to mention the major bigotry on the sidelines but the vast majority did accept Bruce become Caitlyn.

Though there are some times when I cringe. Just like this one. If we are to just read what has happened, personally I think what they did to Diez was wrong. But if you look at it, if Diez just tried to be the better person in the scenario, things would’ve not hit the fan. However, we would have not grabbed the attention of everyone if Diez did not make a scene so… Technically this was all causality albeit for the worst or the best.

To be honest, all of this tension could have been avoided. But with one thing that Diez said during her interviews, “So Mr. President, nasimulan na po natin. Sana ituloy-tuloy na nating ipasa ang SOGIE Equality Bill.”

I can’t help but scratch my eyebrows with her statement. Does it mean that she did all this to gain enough tension and hopefully catch attention? Or did Diez really wanted to get even with the janitress for the disrespectful action? What I really mean is, do we really need to create this much negative attention for us Pinoys to understand what Equality really is?

Now here’s my 10 cent… This SOGIE equality bill should be passed right away. My reason being is… well… there really is nothing about the bill that is detrimental. Except for the members of A Fatima’s Report page, I think. But do take time to read the bill and do not type your rage on the keyboard for a freaking change.

I was not put on this Earth to be a goal keeper. If you as a person, as a human being feel something that you are not that someone you are born to be and you decide to be that someone or otherwise, then I won’t stand in your way. In fact, I am with you 100%! However, the problem lies personally is how far am I gonna need to participate in your journey to be who you want to be. Like for the simple thing that happened to me back a year ago that I subconsciously called a transwoman friend of mine ‘HE’, she got ticked off and did not talk to me for a day or two. In my opinion, my pronoun game has been the same for years and there’s definitely going to be a time where I would slip up. So if ever I meet another transwoman or man publicly and I missed my pronouns, please understand that I was programmed to use a specific pronoun for a specific gender and with the situation, I might use the wrong one. So, I apologize in advance.

Move back from the glass a little bit now… If you blow my statement above to a national level, hopefully it enlightens both side of the coin. The vast majority of heterosexual males and females should be open to changes around their so-called traditional comfort zones and see the other side’s situation. While on the other hand, the LGBTQ community should try their best to understand that it does take time getting used to. As for both spectrums, please… let there just be REAL PINOY LOVE eh?