I’ve been chewing this so long and it still has flavor!

Twenty Three, 23, Bente Tres, XXIII, Dalawampu’t Tatlong taon! (Twenty Three Years) You’re looking at the number of years the longest-running gag show in the Philippines. None other than Bubble Gang!

This show started way back in 1995 with a small cast of stars fronted by two of the Philippines’ most known artists, Michael V., and singer/songwriter Ogie Alcasid. The show was aired first at GMA 7 as a late-night comedy show which included a lot short gag reels and which made its way to the hearts of the Pinoy community. All the parodies of television commercials, famous pop songs, and politician are just a few of their antics that paved the show’s way to its now solidified roots.

The “Bubble Gang”

Source: http://rondownloadteleserye.blogspot.com/2015/09/bubble-gang-september-19-2015-full.html

Being Filipino Funny

Practically one of the reasons why Pinoys are funny and always carry a good joke inside their pockets is because they probably picked it up from Bubble Gang. Even their skits such as Atlit, Mr. Assimo, Cecillo Sasuman, and Tata Lino already became household characters to the Real Pinoys.  No one in the Metro doesn’t know who Tata Lino is! Tata Lino is an old hermit who has the answer to almost any questions! Cecillo Sasuman, a hyperactive boy who likes to perform for school, but has a speech impediment. And my personal favorite, Boy Pick Up! A guy who dons ‘blings’ and the distinctive basketball jersey shirt and baseball cap who throws strange pick-up lines to girls.

Their skits are not to be messed with as it knows no quarter! Few of their recurring skits are, The famous ‘Dating Doon’ (A parody of a TV Evangelical show), ‘Balitang Ina’ which spoofs the typical morning show for mothers, and let’s not forget, ‘Sumbong Sumbong, kay bonggang bonggang BongBong’!

Endless laughter

The list just goes on! And I am also beginning to think, ‘Do these guys ever run out of jokes to tell?’ For a comedy show to run this long, they are really into doing this and they haven’t skipped a beat since the shows conception!

The original cast of this longest-running comedy show are now gone and all that’s left from the main roster is Michael V., who is also the show’s creative director. The show’s cast rotates in and out from time to time, but the vigor remains the same. For each and every year, they always have something innovative and fresh to show the Real Pinoys. 

Source: http://curvetube.com/Bubble_Gang_Opening/bc0igG4NGZw.video

This begs the question… How long have you watched Bubble Gang? If your answer is “Di ko na alam eh.” (I really don’t remember), then you’re no doubt a Real Pinoy!