Flood life in Manila

Manila has been overdeveloped as the decades pass. Industrialization is normal for a growing city as it shows the country’s success by enticing different investors to build their businesses here. More business, more work, more money and so on.

With this growth comes changes and we all know that change is a sword that can cut its wielder when not handled with care. Physical changes to the city are meant to happen one way or another; most of the time, this is all for good “optics” of the city, showing everyone how technologically advanced it is.

Too much, too soon.

Just like any other physical change, there are side effects. Remember when a certain actress had her nose done and then something unexpected happen? That’s what happens when you focus more on the peripheral aspect and expect that nothing would happen. Where am I going with this?

Espana, Manila Flooded

Firstly, let’s not look too hard. Manila has been recognized for its rapid advancement and went shoulder to shoulder with some of the world’s industrialized cities. Manila has grown from rags to riches. The former traditional city that it once was, is now a concrete infested jungle. Everywhere you look, you see a tall structure donning a company name that you only see on television. Malls are popping up left and right, that it makes women shake their heads not knowing where to shop anymore.

Poorly handled

España, Manila has now been downgraded from a clean and quiet expanse to an enormous, flood-prone heap of concrete. They have plastered asphalt on the roads far too much that every time it rains, it’s like a scene from the movie Jumanji! In a mere 2-3 hours of non-stop rain, the black asphalt road that stretches from Recto, Manila to Quezon City turns into a raging torrent of filthy water. And this is not just the typical flood that you’re used to. This unclean liquid intensely flows! Forget about rubber boots because the water is waist deep (sometimes worse).

The universities that lie along the stretch of España, Manila are either celebrating that their classes will be suspended for a long period of time and most of them will head to the nearest tambayan (Hang out)if they’re still open. While others are starting to think twice whether they’re going to start warming up and prep themselves for the long swim home or build a camp fire near the campus because the flood water won’t be dying down anytime soon.

Silver linings?

In the midst of this upgrade, we can clearly see that the modernization of the city has affected the people in a negative and positive way. This either becomes a hassle to some and blessing to many. The only redeeming value of this modernization in España, Manila is that the normal beach bum will have reason to whip out their jetskis and rip the flood water!

Source: http://qpecson.blogspot.com/2009/05/jet-ski-sa-may-kalsada.html

Now that’s the Real Pinas!