All of us waited in line. Woke up early in the morning to get the very first slot so that we can cast our votes. Some of us arrived earlier than others and some late. We exchanged banters while others exchanged something harder than words.

It was definitely an adventure to all of us! Election 2019! WHEW! And right now, that the worst is over, we can all just sit back and relax. Or can we, really?

Unlike other precincts which held the voting, ours was quite peaceful. The trick is to not tell anyone who you are voting for. After you are done casting your vote, then you can talk amongst the others; or just simply go back home and wait for the results to come in. I did the latter. I went straight home and did not bat an eyelash for anyone who would ask who did I vote for. All I said was, “Otso Direcho” ako in jest. And then they would shut up. I don’t know why though!

Anyways, after I voted, I was a little complacent to the fact that everything would go down smoothly this time. However, that was not the case. I was glued to the TV screen waiting for the results and it wasn’t just the results of the election that kept me watching. It was all this violence that retained on the feed. A fight broke out somewhere; authorities had to fire a warning shot to disperse the mob, people stampeding left and right just to get to the line first.

There were a whole lot of things that went on during and after the voting period, but there was something that toped it all off… It was the case of both the Otso Direcho group and the surprising number that Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. collated.

Let’s deal with the hottest issue first. Bong.

Well… There is not much to say about this but according to what we have been reading in and out of Social Media, apparently we did not know that “Budots” (An ugly dance craze if yah ask me…) is a way for you to win the election.

For those who do not know what is the deal with Bong, he was allegedly involved in the Priority Development Assistance Fund Scam (PDAF) along with a couple of other politicians who are running for Senator. Jinggoy Estrada and Juan Ponce Enrile were the ones also involved.

He was accused of allegedly allocating PhP 517 million of his discretionary funds to bogus foundations. Let that sink in for a bit. PhP 517 MILLION!

Though here’s the take, he was acquitted of plunder and was released on December 7, 2018.

This is not a laughing matter, my friends. For someone to be accused of plunder and then you see the same person dancing budots on your TV screen, running for senator is not funny at all.

Bong Revilla Jr. and Janet Napoles
Source: https://abogado.com.ph/

Don’t get me wrong, I was also laughing at first. I said to myself, “Pinoys are not going to forget what this guy did…”.

But then, something happened. May 13, 2019 at around 7:00pm PH Time, not only did Bong started putting up numbers, he was starting to win one of the 12 spots of the senate! I was shocked! No…  shocked is a weak word to describe what I was feeling. I was FLABBERGASTED, If that made any more sense.

A dude that was allegedly found stealing from the country winning the senatorial seat is like feeding a rabid dog. Well, a rabid dog can be tamed but not this one I guess. All I could do was shrug and see what was going to happen next.

After a day… and 95.29% of the votes was tallied, it looked like it was inevitable. According to the latest count… Bong made it to the top 10 trumping Koko Pimentel and Nancy Binay.

This result was not taken lightly by the netizens. My feed was filled with nothing but mere disgust as to why this man won despite being charged with allegedly stealing from the country? This is probably one of the mysteries of the Pinoy mind. Only the best this 2019 election, eh?

I even read one of the posts that say, “Gustong gusto ng Pinoy ng pagbabago pero ito ang binoboto nyo?” (Pinoys are longing for change but you keep on voting these people?). Well, if I am asked, that resonates nothing but the truth. It is the hardest pill to swallow. Now, I do not have the answers as to why the majority of Cavite, Calamba and other places voted for Bong. But there is one thing I can say about this… “NANDITO NA SI… BONG REVILLA!” (INSERT BUDOTS THEME HERE).

Source: Youtube.com

BUT! What better way to enjoy this case than to do some CONSPIRACY THEORY eh? Now… Here are facts first… and these are just crumbs I just dug up from local websites and social media. Info that any normal Pinoy can dig. Here goes…

Did you know that back in the 2016, Bong Revilla was being groomed to run for the presidential election? They were eyeing for Bong to run because every single time he ran, he was crowd favorite. Everyone loved the guy for some reason. This is a fact! Now, word got out in 2013 that he was planning to run for presidency which was a little funny because on that same year that he announced his run, the PDAF case went into the light, gunning him down the marrow. With his reputation tarnished and well… he went on prison for that of course. He did not get that chance to run the 2016 presidential race.

See?? He was being groomed!
Source: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/

CONSPIRACY THEORY TIME! Now, what if someone wanted Bong out of the picture? Someone who has the power to pull the strings and let Mar run the presidential race alone uncontested. They all knew that Binay was not going to win the 2016 race. Then mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who I think played it cool by NOT ANNOUNCING his candidacy, completely blowing off the media by saying he is not going to run, watched his cards and played them right on time. He announced his plans last minute giving little time for the opposition to plan a counterattack.

WHAT IF President Rodrigo Duterte was the trump card they did not expect? And with all the scandals, allegations, media smearing is just them cleaning up house? Hmmm…

WELL THESE ARE ALL JUST THEORIES and no need to give them serious thought!

As for next agenda… The magical circle of Otso Direcho came in strong with the polls and surveys. They held surveys on various prestigious universities and got top number every single time! However, the Cinderella story came to a very bad halt. Remember when Thanos snapped his fingers and most of the Avengers went bye-bye? It was worse than that. Not one in their line up even grazed on the 12th spot of the senatorial seat this election. A very bad ending indeed.

Ocho Diretso
Source: Youtube.com

Now… where did it all go wrong? I mean, the surveys were very good. Their social media presence was almost everywhere since their target market were the ones who they think are intelligent enough to make that vote count. Also, they challenged their minds letting them know that their group promotes change for the better. Seems like they had everything going their way this 2019 election

But what they did not know was… They were talking to the new-age Millennials. These were the ones who were offended by Chito Miranda’s Silvertoes lyrics. The ones who use Social Media as a form of connection to human conversation. The same ones who rant about how life is difficult and how they are different. I am not saying that these new age Millennials are feeling entitled but they are special in their own way. They learn fast… no, SUPER FAST thus they want everything to be done fast or better yet, faster. They often complain that they do not get their orders fast enough.

Source: https://thesmartlocal.com/

These are some of the traits of the market they were targeting. If you happen to know a group of people who belong in this age group, do you think they can handle the stress of standing in line under this scorching heat just to get their votes in? As for me, I did not find a group in our precinct. I saw a couple of Millennials waiting and standing but not the kind of number that would make a dent in the majority vote. Some of them even gave up mid stride and just went home. No one wanted to see the end of the election…

It does seem that Otso Direcho did not expect this to happen. Yes, the Millennials love them but apparently they do not love the group enough to vote. Probably if they danced in the tune of any Red Velvet song… that would probably make a difference. (I am just kidding of course).

When the time came for the votes to be casted, they were surprised. Even I was surprised. I did not vote for their group but I was kind of expecting that one of them would probably make it to the Magic 12. I waited for the crowd favorite, Atty. Chel Diokno to show up on the ranks but his name did not even pop on the TV screens that I had to look on the internet where he was standing on the race.

The group’s intention were probably good but during their campaign, they might have made a couple of miscalculations and did not expect that the crowd they were trying to woo was content enough to make a long blog post about them. But these comments, memes, blogs, vlogs, surveys do not win an election or make a senator… VOTES DO. A big plot twist they probably did not expect.

Well, at least all of this done. As for me, I am just happy that the worst is over…  the counting of the votes are almost done, Erap is not reelected as  Mayor of Manila (Just kidding again!) and most importantly the songs will now stop, I won’t ever have to sit idly by and watch Bong dance Budots on my screen ever again.

Cover Photo Source: rappler.com