I just noticed that every single time that I flick my finger through my mobile phone, there are these posts that really just kept on showing. It is probably because of my history searches or subscribed channels or whatnot but my news feed is really bombarded by Game Streams. To those who do not know what these are, these are gamers who broadcast their games for people to watch. I am not a big fan of ‘Streamers’ but they pose a whole lot of fun because of their witty banter and constant trash talk or commentaries. Little did I know, these streamers make tons of bucks doing this!

But! We ain’t gonna talk about that. We are going to discuss what is the status of the Philippine Streaming community and its problems. Firstly, the status of course. A whole lot of experimenting I would say. There have been numerous gamers who have been trying to make a name for themselves and are running ahead just to get a slice of the cake while it’s still… well… hot. (If there’s such a thing as a hot cake… wait… HOT CAKE!) I have seen streamers who are extremely talented in their own genres while some others are just downright amusing to watch. Not just their monologues but their gameplay as well. I can probably call myself a competitive gamer. Whenever I play, I play to win… and I hate losing. So, seeing gamers who just practically grab hold of the opportunity to be the next big star in the web even if they do not have the specific skill set to play a particular genre, they jump in.

But here’s the thing, I have been watching some of the famous ones and they do not disappoint! These streamers move swift, check the map, their APM (Actions Per Minute) must be off the charts and they are just amazing on the keyboard. However…
A new breed of streamers has come to town. These are the ones who stream mobile games. I too am a big fan of mobile games but I think I am not alone when I say this along with Dr. DisRespect (A famous and talented streamer in Twitch) that Mobile Gamers are kind of on the low level. But they are gamers; it’s just that they are not at the same level as those who play the big leagues in other platforms.

I think it’s because of the level of difficulty that mobile games exude? I don’t know but I play on all sorts of consoles so… I think I can personally include myself in the ranks of the gamers. With that in mind, these mobile game streamers took the country in waves and most of them are playing the same game which Mobile Legends. Streamers like, cHoOx, Akosi Dogie, Dexie, etc are all on the same hype train from where they show off their talents and comedic lines for everyone to see. Try to watch them, they really are a heap of fun to ogle.

In a nutshell, that is the current status of the Philippines’ game streaming community. However, you will always receive critics for whatever it is that you do correct? But these critics are really on point when they point out one of the biggest flaws in this community. Ready? Here goes… Ever heard ‘Sando Streamers’? or ‘Sando Gamers?” These are female
streamers/gamers who broadcast their gaming while wearing a sando. (Ofcourse they also don a good ‘ole pair of pants or shorts!) But the way they wear it… whew! Let me just put it this way… When you see their thumbnail? You definitely won’t miss it. Or better yet, you will do a double take. I was appalled by this. So I watched… (HAHAHA!) And guess what… This particular streamer I watched, had the camera angle centered on her breasts, wearing white sando, and her cleavage was very much… let me say it in gaming terms… IT WAS OWNING. I went on ahead and watched her play and again… my palm went straight to my face. Why is this girl streaming games?! For the 30 minutes I watched her run a few games, she did not won a single match nor killed anyone!

Streaming is basically showing everyone on the interwebs that you got skills to showcase. You know when to strafe, peek, do a 360 no-scope headshot kill or whatever! Not this! If you think I am getting a little personal about this, but this is its current problem… The vast majority of watchers who are probably fixated on a goal that they are going to watch someone do a 30 kill streak with no deaths on a game that they are also enjoying or perhaps want to learn a new item build for a hero or champion that they want to play instead they probably got lost because of a thumbnail image with great camera angle!
I feel for those streamers who get 50 views but can show off great moves to their viewers and try their best to scrounge up audience. Because at the end of the day, it’s all fun and games right? But hey, here’s my point… I am pretty sure… If these sando gamers hit like 1000 views per day, I could bet that 800 of those viewers are not watching for the game… Well! That’s just me!

So this is the current status of streaming community in the Philippines. It is flourishing! I might try it someday and I will show you how to kill warrior, thief and a mage using proper kiting, blink distance and crowd control.