MOBAs these days technically feature the same kind of feel and intense gameplay in every match; however it probably does not give off that vibe of cutesy feel whenever you enter that arena filled with heroes and creeps! Say hello to the, Extraordinary Ones!

Presenting: The Extraordinary Ones!

Otakus all over Southeast Asia must be spinning right now because; Netease has released a new game called “The Extraordinary Ones”. A new MOBA that features anime-ish feel and gameplay. The cell-shaded graphics provides probably the most perfect setting skin for a game like this! They have clocked the game for CBT and will run till April 29, 2019 and after that, all data will be wiped before its official launch!

Probably the best time for you gamers / otakus to experience the game first hand!

The arena / map feature a University atmosphere where it features a few venues that can be typically found in your typical anime setting. A basketball court, football field, track and field lane, and so much more! The jungle mobs do not just give you a quick boost or buff, but they also meld with your character to provide a new skill!

How it’s played


The one thing I like about this is the catapult near your nexus/core, or whatever it is you call the main structure that you have to protect. When you get on the catapult, it counts down for a few seconds and then flings you towards the first tower! Gone are the days when you have to drag your character all the way from the nexus to mid! One special mention to one skin they used. Instead of bushes or tall grass for cover, they used BALLOONS! How anime-ish is that eh?!

Let’s talk about them heroes eh! As of now, there are 56 heroes designed as students, teachers, janitors, etc! Talk about taking things to the next level huh!

And the winner is??

As I was playing The Extraordinary Ones itself, I felt as if I was in world of My Hero Acadamia. Though here’s the thing, the skills and execution can be a little clunky at first. I do not know if The Extraordinary One’s fluidity which is a little of or the cell shaded graphics is just making it look like the movements of the skills a tiny bit awkward looking. Though here’s the thing, for a Mobile MOBA, this is way harder to play than Mobile Legends.

Based on my experience, most of the skills in The Extraordinary Ones are meant to be AIMED. Compared to Mobile Legends, most of the skills that heroes have are AOE based and does not require much skill to execute flawlessly. I am not dissing on Mobile Legends players but you are more than welcome to give this game a try.

TRP’s verdict

The AOE skills are good and pleasant to the eyes since most of the things that you will be seeing are new. Not to mention how each of the characters interact whenever they get hit!

The BGM and Voice acting are practically the main thing to watch out for since they did not use your typical actors for the voices… I can’t explain but you just basically have to see for yourself!

The game in general is a whole new experience albeit gameplay or visuals! Should you encounter this game at Google Play Store, just do yourself a favor and download it please? Not to mention there is an ongoing event for the CBT (Closed Beta testing) that gives you a free skin!

Which begs the question though, is this a game going to last with known Mobile MOBA: Mobile Legends?

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