The very first rain fall has dropped by in the South. It came fast but great in amount. The rain took a good 10 minutes and then stopped. Probably it’s the weather telling us to prepare for the worst… Flood.

How about you? Are you prepared for the upcoming rainy days? As for me, I spent my whole childhood living near Espana Boulevard. As you may know that Espana Boulevard is infamous for its river-like flood water when it rains. My friends and I called that place, Manila’s largest resort.

The Flood that we all know

We may be safe under a roof however the biggest stress that comes with the rainy days is the flood. So you better be prepared for this! Because we are all witnesses that when a dreaded summer comes, the rain comes back swinging even harder. Here are a couple of things we do (until now) to prepare for rain.

  • Go Bag

 I believe I mentioned this before on my article in preparation for any disaster. This literally saved our lives back when Ondoy hit. If you lived through Ondoy, good for you! Because you just literally survived one of the biggest storms in the history of Philippines!

I cannot reiterate this enough because when the storm hit, the flood water immediately submerged our first floor within 30 minutes. We had to carry stuff up the second floor. Electricity went out and we had no way of getting out since the flood water outside our house is neck deep already.

A go bag saved our asses because it had rations, batteries, burner phones, flash lights, etc. We had to wait for half a day for the flood water to subside so that we are able to walk through the streets to buy food.

So yeah, first thing you should prepare is a Go Bag.

  • Evacuation Area

Every city or barangay has its own Evacuation Area. Most of the times, these are areas that can hold a number of people also have everyone move around and help out one another like, basketball courts, schools, etc.


Even before the rain starts pouring you should go to your nearest barangay hall and ask where the nearest evacuation area is. Saves you a whole lot of time not to mention the feeling of relief that you have a plan B in case stuff hits the fan.

  • Immediate Contact

The importance of a back up phone or burner phone is because the last thing that you should remember carrying with you is your mobile phone. The things that should come into mind first is saving yourselves including your family. Not to mention pets. However, if in case a thing does not go as planned with either plan A or plan B, you should be able to have a support system. And family will definitely come into the picture.

Keep a list of those emergency numbers and contacts handy at all times!

Now, these are just suggestions and a few tips but you know your area more than us and this is just basically our best practice as Pinoys who survived flooding.

Leave a comment if you have any additions to this list that can be helpful for our fellow Pinoys!