It’s summer! And what better time to do your purging/house cleaning than now! TRP’s Maven gives you tips on how to fix your home and bring it to spic and span.

1.20% of your stuff will be used 80% of the time; and 80% of your stuff, you will use 20% of the time.

Case in point, makeup brushes! Just how many make up brushes do you need for your face? I mean, I have TWO (count ém) TWO huge containers of brushes that I don’t get to use. Sometimes, I get the urge to buy stuff at the department store and out of impulse, BAM! Another set of sponges that I thought were cute at that time.

How many brushes is too many?

Pare them down to what you really use and need, so that you can do away with those you don’t use. It’s best to invest in the whole set of brushes, that way, you don’t get to purchase items, just because.

2. Go ruthless!

If you can pare down your makeup brushes to those you ACTUALLY USE, then apply the same principle to your shoes, your makeup, your clothes, your accessories, and any other stuff that you don’t need. And that includes that dress you bought that you thought you could fit into two years ago. If you still haven’t shrunk to the size of that dress, say buh-bye and give it to another lucky lady; your friend, your office mate, your sister/cousin. Better yet, donate them.

Be savage when it comes to cleaning.
Take out them big guns for the major cleanup!

3. Have a buddy/friend to tell you what needs to go

Because humans have a tendeny to hoard, it’s downside is we have a hard time letting go of our stuff. Have someone to help you out in letting go of the stuff you have that clutters your room, your house, your dorm, etc. If they tell you that it’s already dated, doesn’t look good on you, too garish, too light, it’s time to let those babies go. Same goes with equipment or furniture that you don’t use. If those ab trainers are just collecting dust, or if that chair STILL hasn’t been re-upholstered or it’s leg hasn’t been repaired, it’s time to let it go. Because, if it’s not being used, then it’s just collecting dust and occupying space.

Have friends over to vote on your purge date.
Buddies FTW!

4. Be motivated

The thing you need to focus on is how you want your space to look like after all of the stuff has been purged, cleaned, and swept away. Have a mental picture on how you want your place to look like and commit to making it look like it IRL.

5. Take photos of the area before you clean

Have your phone handy for when you begin your task of purging. You will see what’s out of place, and what shouldn’t be there. It helps to have your camera take those photos and see what “invisible obstacles” you tend to ignore.

Take pics of your room and take out all the unnecessary trash.

6. Divide your room into sections

Sometimes, saying to yourself ” OMG, i’m going to have to clean the house..”can be very daunting. Divide your room into sections and devote about 30 minutes for each one. But make sure that when you focus on the area, you remove all the clutter that comes with it. Remember to focus on the end goal of what you want your space to be.

7. Have a garbage bag handy and do a clean sweep

Starting from your designated area, pick up ALL of the disposable things that you take for granted that’s been lying around or you’ve been to lazy to pick up. That candy wrapper,soda cans, those cigarette butts, the thermal receipts from your grocery shopping, the banana peel on the table; gurl, those things need to go, STAT.

Collect trash as you go.

8. Wipe down everything

With a trusty rag, wipe from the TOPMOST going down. Meaning, you start from the ceiling taking care of the dust and the cobwebs that have accumulated over time, heading to the top of the shelves and cupboards, to the window sills, your appliances, furniture, and finally the floor.

Wipe from the top down.
Wipe everything down

9. Categorize your piles

Those random items that are strewn about? Place all of them in similar piles. One pile for laundry, one pile for bathroom items, one pile for the bedroom. You get the idea. Take every item that go to the same destination, go to that room and put everything in place. That way, while you’re cleaning, you don”t have to go to the bathroom 15 times to place items that are randomly lying around.

10. Purge, purge and re-purge

The most important question you need to ask yourself is, “Is it a want or a need?” Once you know the difference, then it’s easier for you to be able to purge, clean and organize your stuff. Make sure to keep this as a daily habit.

Keep purging!

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