A few years ago, Maven and her fellow sea gypsies got stranded for 4 days in an island called Calaguas, and it was the BEST TIME of her life. That’s crazy, right? I mean you’re stuck in an island and it was still the most memorable?

I decided to talk to her and this was her take on it. These are all recorded accounts of what hapended when she decided to go to Calaguas for an island hopping adventure!

1. Get stranded.

Our trip to Calaguas was supposed to be all of 3 days and 2 nights. But an unexpected change of weather conditions due to Amihan made us stay for an additional 2 days, leaving us to fend for ourselves during our extended stay.

The beautiful people of Calaguas

2. Befriend the locals. 

During the days we were stranded, we were able to know more about the people of the island. They were soft spoken, caring, and very accommodating. You could buy your cigs and coke with a promise to pay later. Even when the arrangements for the package were concluded, and due to the unexpected monsoon, they still allowed us to stay on the Island cottages for free, and later on, at a VERY discounted rate.

3. Budget your remaining resources.

Because we were not allowed to leave the island till Tuesday (at the earliest), we had to ensure that our group had enough food to last us during the time we were in Calaguas. My fellow sea gypsy and I scrounged for any food that could be eaten by 30 pax (including the boatmen). Pati ang corned beef, sinabawan para tumagal at mapag hatian ng maayos.

4. Communication is key.

One of the reasons why a group has misunderstandings or confusion, is: (i)  the lack of communication; or  (ii) there were wrong messages sent; or (iii) there were too many messages sent from all sides. We tried to leave the island on Sunday, and our coordinator said that we had to be ready by 7 am. So, come Saturday evening, we prepped our stuff so that by 7, we would just haul ass and move out. 7am came, no boatmen in sight. Then 8am became 9, and then 10. By the time we stepped inside the boat, the waves were already unfriendly (like 2.6m unfriendly).

Amihan waves in Calaguas mean serious business!

The boatmen tried to steer us past the jetty of rocks, but the waves were too strong,  we were sandwiched between two huge waves. It was at that moment that we decided to double back and head for shore.  Unfortunately, the captain did not understand our request to head back to the island, because the coordinator didn’t relay the message to the boatmen and they misunderstood that we were to wait it out halfway between the jetty and the island. We stayed inside the boat  for a good half hour circling, with the waves tossing and turning. The boatmen were deciding on whether they could bring us to Balucbuc Island (which was half an hour away, and onto open sea), while we were thinking “WTH was going on? Why aren’t we back on the island?”

Only when one of us stood up to talk directly to the captain of the boatmen that we wanted to go back to Calaguas Island, did he steer the boat back.

And that’s just HALF of the best times of Maven’s adventure.

But that my friends is for another day!

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