Let us pick up right where we left off shall we? If you haven’t read Part 1 of our Calaguas Adventure, click on this link!

5. Let your loved ones know you’re okay. Signal on the island is very limited to none. Smart phones aren’t so smart, especially if it can’t send messages to the office and to family that you’re doing fine despite the circumstances. We had to wake up early am, walk to the other end of the island, on to that one hut where the signal was only two bars at best. BRING AN OLD GSM PHONE WITH YOU. The only way we were able to let our family know on Sunday afternoon that we were okay was when we found one other passenger talking over a banged up GSM phone. We hurriedly asked the guy if we could use his phone to call work and our family to let them know we were okay. Mabuti naman at pumayag siya. ^_^

Only in Calaguas!

6. HUWAG KANG BUWAKAW AT MAG-INARTE. Among the group of passengers that was stranded, was a small number of women who, despite the gloomy situation, STILL demanded that special treatment be provided to them, because they were guests. They wanted pancit for meryenda; they wanted laing for dinner; they wanted to be served separately from our group.

Really, really? When you’re straned in an island, you still want to make these requests?! And you even want to take the rations saved for the boatmen who are also in the same situation as we are in? Tapos ung kasama ninyo, di marunong kumain ng talbos ng kamote?? Gurls, when you’re stranded in an island, there are no special people, only people who are trying to survive.

7. Make the most of the situation. Our group made themselves busy by doing their own laundry, helping out with the cooking/prepping in the kitchen, exploring the island, getting to know each other. We were lucky, the rowdy bunch of people were very down to earth, and we learned about life in the call center industry. We talked about investing for the future, labor laws, contracts and agreements, love, life and anything under the sun.

8. Learn to play Indian Poker. Best. Night. EVAR. In. Calaguas

9. HUWAG KANG BUWAKAW. ULIT. Tuesday came, and the waves were somewhat calmer, and the boatmen said that they were able to transport the passengers back to the mainland, but there was still no clearance from the coast guard. We, as a group, decided to wait it out for another day. The same group that were expecting star treatment, went ahead WITHOUT informing us that they changed their mind and opted to leave ahead of us. Kung hindi ko pa naitanong kung nakapagbayad sila for their share of the food while in the island, aba, HINDI PA SILA MAGBABAYAD SA AMIN.

We made the most of our Tuesday by trekking to the topmost part of the island, savoring the sun, the sea and the beach. By evening, the sky treated us to a show of a clear half moon, and a bright blanket of stars. It does look different here in Calaguas.

Despite all that happened to us in the island, it was THE BEST ADVENTURE, BAR NONE. We got more than what we bargained for. A spectacular view of the beach, the sun, the sand (OMG THE SAND!), waves, beautiful people, a total disconnect from all the white noise of the city. By the time we left, it was with a heavy heart. Suffice it to say, everyone fell in love with Calaguas and its people.

The sand in Calaguas is so fine! As in baby powder fine!