April 22, 2019. A magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit Luzon real hard that it did not just shake the soil, asphalt, and concrete; but even our very souls. According to the latest report, the Earthquake has reached a death toll of 11 already. According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHILVOLCS), the earthquake’s epicenter was near the town of Castillejos in Zambales Province, west of Manila. Though the hardest hit was probably in the town of Porac, where five people were reported crushed under the debris after a wall collapsed in a supermarket.

A Governor in Pampanga, Lilia Pineda, mentioned that she received reports that the earthquake had killed 8 people and knocked out the power to some of the towns in the area.

In Manila, the well known Emilio Aguinaldo Building along San Marcelino Street is now leaning on an adjacent building after the earthquake.

A Grocery Store Shook
Source: youtube.com

This has got to be one of the most powerful earthquakes that have hit the Philippines. Though I am not quite sure why people nowadays are more worried about what to post, other than what to do next. I know that there has to be families who have a plan whenever something like this hits.

I was technically having a quick siesta while reading a book when the quake happened. It definitely was a strong quake right from where I am at because here in this part of the South, we rarely experience quakes. But that is the problem. Since we seldom have it, we tend to have a quick and short heart attack whenever something like this happens.  

After the quake, you may call it reflex, but I have this after checking on Social Media. Not for the statuses that show which of my friends are distraught, but to check on my relatives to see if they are safe. I do not know if this weird, but my mother, brother and I have this contingency plan in case something really bad happens to the country. War, Earthquake, Mad Storms or even a zombie apocalypse are just a few of the things we are prepared for. We have 2 meeting places if ever we get to the worst scenarios. But most importantly, we have a prepared a Bug-Out Bag.

After 2 years of discussing and pleading to my wife about the importance of a Bug-Out Bag, she finally gave way for us to have one. A Bug Out Bag or Go Bag is technically a small to medium sized bag filled with necessary items for survival. My Go Bag contains a spile, few necessary medicines, flints, first aid kit, paracord, 3 different knives, a whistle, 2 burner phones and 2 flashlights with tasers.

So when the quake hit, I went Marine-Like and went to our Go Bag. Good thing that it did not pose a threat to our area but I cannot say the same to the others.

My point being is that we are all going to be hit by something we do not expect. Especially now that most of the population is focused on the daily grind because of the country’s status but it would not hurt for us to be prepared.  

The Real Pinas prays for those families who have been hit badly by the quake and as for those who are safe, please do take extra steps for a quick reaction plan for you or your family and stay frosty at all times.