Setting up load in the Philippines

(Hey, do you have load credits? Can I text someone?). Being the good pal you are, you certainly want to help so you give them your phone and hope to they don’t read any of your messages from Mom or look at your gallery filled with embarrassing photos.

The moment you get your phone back after 10 minutes, you see a barrage of sent text messages and a couple of replies! And in any of those days, I am pretty sure you have not thought about, charging them for each text they send? All I’m saying is, “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”.

You probably heard about this info from your friends or from someone you know, but this is definitely a topic you don’t want to miss. Today, you’ll be reading the steps on how to create and set up a load wallet. This is business opportunity for anyone who wants to start up small!

Step 1: Globe or Smart?

There are 2 major key players at the moment in the Philippines’ telco throne, Globe and Smart. You can choose either of them but mainly base your choice to the current number of people around following that telco. Though you can just play it both sides since most of the phones nowadays are equipped with dual sims.

Step 2: A Retailer Sim?! What is that?!

Pick the right sim for you.

This is what you need to start the engine running. You will need to request or buy the sim from your local branch of either Smart or Globe. There is also a well-known sim card for this business called, the All-in-One Sim Card. (Sounds like something that Sauron from Lord of the Rings will use… THE ONE SIM TO RULE THEM ALL!) However, using this sim will require you a special code for each transactions which can be a little confusing at first. These sims are available through a third-party seller. In this case, if you’re just going the classic way, just drop your local store and buy a retailer sim.

Step 3: More steps?! What the…

Hold your hand-helds guys, all you need to do now is activate the retailer sim card and you’re good to go! Both Globe and Smart have different ways of activating a sim and they will be explained to you the moment you buy your Retailer Sim! Have a notebook ready just in case…

As mentioned, this way you can earn a couple of hundred pesos per week on top of the current paycheck you’re getting. However, the more people you are connected with, the more ‘Moolah’ will flow!

So grab that Mobile Phone of yours, get a retailer sim, activate it and then find that one friend who texts a lot and let him know you’re doing this. Saves them the effort in going straight to the store and back home.

Good luck!

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