We have been viewing this monstrous TV show for the past 14 years and it has been tagged as one of the most influential TV show in Philippine TV because of its raw footage and it practically shows how people’s true colors come out in front of a camera.

We are NOT going to talk about the Pinoy Big Brother’s origins. We are going to dip our toes on TODAY’s episodes. Why? Because it’s technically the most fun and the most controversial of all. This year’s group has managed to stop everyone on their tracks and watch the series!

Before we take a deep dive into this TV phenomenon, who can forget the first winner: Nene Tamayo? She was the reason why Pinays felt powered at the time and at the time it powered the station’s ratings of both afternoon and night prime time. The start of this series was more than enough to veer the typical Pinoy away from the daily telenovelas they watch every day because this was probably the first time Pinoy Primetime took a tight turn to REALITY. And, of course, the ratings it brought to the local channel where it (still) airs is the main reason why it stayed on air.

The Very First Pinoy Big Brother Winner!
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So now, the hype was definitely real that time and the majority of the Pinoys enjoyed the show’s unpredictability. Its majestic entrance deserved, not just a round of applause, but a standing ovation! However, not all things that are worth watching with great ratings are worth following. Do you get it?


Enter 2019. They called their newest season “Otso” which is ‘8’ because the show is on its 8th season. And what the Pinoys saw was nothing short of blatant display of bad, naughty behavior and unfaithfulness. And this is coming from a Pinoy.

This show airs at 5 p.m. daily, roughly about the time where all the family members are at home, waiting for the news to air. This means, that even minors AND CHILDREN can watch this, despite the rating or warning that the show needs strict parental guidance.

For its eighth season, the curtains opened for a teen cast who displayed and acted out a typical “run of the mill” Pinoy daily life. The challenges ran left and right, but what viewers did not expect to enter the spotlight was a housemate named, Karina Bautista. This teenager entered the scene when she went gaga over a housemate named, Aljon Mendoza.

The Famous/Infamous Karjon
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I must admit they had a chemistry that had teen viewers glued to their screens and even created a fandom that supported their idols. As we all expected, a love team was formed inside the PBB house and it was dubbed “KarJon”.

They were this sweet couple who met inside a house with a bunch of cameras around them and technically a flower called infatuation bloomed. Well, according to what Pinoys have seen, it was more of a “throw myself onto the guy” type of infatuation. I was intrigued by this, because there were mixed reviews as to what they were doing inside the house. So, I watched a couple of episodes and I saw nothing but love and affection towards the couple. They were cuddling, playing, flirting, etc. The activities of a typical Puppy-love struck typical teen nowadays. Did I say “typical”? Yes, this is a norm.

So what the heck were the Pinoys blabbering about, because some of the reviews and comments that I was reading were a little rude and borderline foul. And then… I did the right thing. I REVIEWED.

The Plot Twist!

Apparently, the Karjon love team was not as perfect as I saw. Karina—who was viewed as literally throwing herself at Aljon—has a boyfriend outside the house. Well that changes everything, doesn’t it? At first, I was like, “Hmmm… Everything’s gonna be ok. This happens almost every day. A woman gets snagged by a dreamy guy, or the other way around… this happens every day.” And then it hit me hard. THIS IS AIRED LIVE ON TV! The blow was so hard I became a hater. Not only a hater to the couple but on Pinoy Big Brother in general. Everything that the show stood for, in my opinion crumbled to dust. TEENAGE PINOYS or EVEN KIDS WATCH THIS SHOW!

Possibly the biggest plot twist of the year!
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See, here’s the thing. The show doesn’t do much to improve on audience tastes, but rather debases on it. Give ’em drama, give ’em a little bit of sex! Ratings will shoot up! Never mind that kids are at home watching TV themselves. Call me old school, but there are two lines of defense before children can access mature, YES MATURE, shows like this.

Two lines of defense

The first line are the parents. They have a primordial responsibility to raise children as productive and morally upright citizens of the society. And if that channel is turned on to these shows, with the parents faces glued to the TV, guess what your kids are going to be watching?

The second line of defense is media. YES, the love for ratings should be tempered with instilling of values. I was raised watching shows that were witty, funny, serious, thought provoking, but they also instilled values that are still ingrained in me today. Oki Doki Doc, Home along Da Riles, or Mork and Mindy were some shows that immediately come to mind. Whatever happened to shows like that?

I was so furious about this show, that I even created an open letter to the station asking for the Karina’s boyfriend to enter the house for a major drama to happen! Imagine that! Ratings are going to sky rocket! I know that if this happened, some people might get hurt but they will get hurt for a reason.

After the teen version of the 8th season ended, I read the news that Karina broke up with her erstwhile boyfriend to be with Aljon who was evicted before her. Seems like they had their happy ending. Not to mention the fans of the now-infamous ‘Karjon’ love team. They revered the couple as if they were some kind of DREAM LOVE TEAM or a modern day Romeo and Juliet who was star crossed. (Well, we all know how that story ended) but I mean to disrespect to neither the fans nor the couple.

The Ultimatum

My point? This type of love team was tolerated by the vast majority. And I find nothing but irony… Majority of the teens who supported this love team not, to mention the older generation, did not bat an eyelash for its negative example. It’s as if like, we did not care. We did not care for the children who were watching the Pinoy Big Brother; we did not care for its effect on the tykes whose moral compasses have yet to be formed. Not to mention the biggest irony of all… we tolerate this behavior on TV, but still make a stand to be the only country WHO DOES NOT SUPPORT DIVORCE.

I know it’s not the way it is supposed to look like, and we collectively have the option to proceed for an annulment if a marriage goes sideways. However, we all discern that the option is not made to be done if you do not have the cash to front.

I am not being persuaded personally by my own moral compass but I always use my common sense. If Pinoys really want to support FIDELITY, then go hard core about it and do not use these shows to promote otherwise. Come to think of it… this type of behavior is not only shown on PBB but IN ALL SHOWS IN GENERAL. You be the judge now and I am a big hater of the one thing that we all dislike as Pinoys. Hypocrites. We all say things but do the exact opposite.

The Hardest Pill to Swallow

I watched Karina as she did this interview with Boy Abunda. On the interview she said, “Ako ang Big Winner kasi nagpakatotoo ako.” (I am the big winner because I was true to myself). At least there was one person in the picture who was being true to herself and not act like a hypocrite.

Karina and Tito Boy Face to Face Interview
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But what about you? Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself the most important question of all… “What the heck have you done lately?”