The final days in Hagnaya

All good things must come to an end sooner or later… This is my friend’s last statements about the island in Cebu and how they spent their last 48 hours on the island before going back to the busy streets of Manila.

To continue from where we left off on our 4-day vacay in Cebu, it took us beach gypsies the whole of the afternoon just wading and snorkeling on Virgin Island. Despite the entrance fee of 500 for the first two pax and 100 in excess of that, it was totally worth it. One gypsy had an allergic reaction to the fish, but the Lifeguards gave her an antihistamine FOR FREE.

And look! These lifeguards in hot pink uniform? And they said real men wear pink. But seriously, these guys took their job seriously, they were exercising despite the scorching heat.

Last Day at Bantayan Island – A Land Tour

So, after a hearty breakfast courtesy of Kabo resort, we rented a trike for a two-hour land tour. By the way, the trikes in Cebu are super roomy, and can comfortably seat 6 people. And by comfortably, I mean NO CROUCHING. SEE?

A sea gypsy posing in one of the trikes in Bantayan

Let’s go to Camp Sawi!

First stop, Maricaban, where we went to the  mangrove forest and where the movie, Camp Sawi was shot.

During super typhoon YOLANDA, majority the mangrove forest was destroyed. The forest was the only thing that stopped the tornado from wreaking havoc in the municipality. If there’s one thing that Cebuanos are, they’re resilient! Impressively resilient!

Several NGOs, including the BFAR and the DENR assisted in the rehabilitation efforts. It took them two years to get back to fine. Although there were some bald spots in the forest, it was as if the storm never happened.

The famous arch from the movie, Camp Sawi!

The entire mangrove forest has an entire kilometer long bamboo bridge, with beautiful sceneries at each corner of the trek.

OH, and yes. I did ask what the mangrove did for their livelihood. The fish breed in the mangrove, and use it as their breeding ground and their home. As the fish grow, they eventually find their own way to the sea. The fishermen then harvest the fish,and the cycle repeats all over again.

After the kilometer walk, we had some coconuts to refresh ourselves.

A land tour of the island gave us these breathtaking views of the sea!

I knew that we’re known for our beaches, but MAN! Hearing of it, does nothing to being there!

Us sea gypsies headed back to our hotel and made the most of our remaining time swimming at the beach.

By noon, we had packed our stuff, checked out of the hotel, and headed to MJ for the buy one, take one seafood dishes.

A chance encounter with fellow sea gypsies

A quick ride back to the hotel to get our stuff, and we were off to Santa Fe Port back to Hagnaya. From there, it was a slow 5 hour ride to Cebu city. Thanks to a German couple on the bus, the ride wasn’t too boring.

So, I found out he was taking his PhD in electrical engineering and was vacationing with his wife ( who was studying to be a lawyer). A PhD! In electrical engineering even! He said aside from the 1 1/2 years he’s already taken, he still has 1 1/2 years more, and then he can find jobs related to his field. 

The education system in Germany is different in that for the first 9 years of your school life, it’s elementary. And then you will be assessed on your “skills”. There are two areas of skills you can fall under the arts or the sciences.

He and his wife were on his way to Moalboal. And being the helpful gypsy that I am, I helped him with recommendations for food, and how to maneuver getting top-ups for his existing load, and where to shop for gifts when he decides to go back Germany.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take pics of the lovely couple, but we wished them a safe and enjoyable trip.

Now… are we all in agreement that Cebu is definitely a place to go to or a place to stay forever into? I think so. There’s definitely nothing better than the Southside.