We all have heard of us Pinoys doing our very own version of a Star Studded (Hero Studded to be exact) Avengers using Pinoy superheroes and super heroines. But have you ever seen our very own stars wearing the ensembles of the famous Avengers?

A Pinoy artist, Gpao Villeza, went through great lengths by painting a version of the Avengers with our very own local actors! And the results were AMAZING!

Below is a whole gallery of his chosen ones that are perfect fit for the roles!

Personally, there are a couple of actors who could have been better for the role, such as Mantis. I believe she would be better off played by Myrtle Sarrosa. Also, Sid Lucero is a bad choice to play Bruce Banner but he definitely has the same aura as Mark Ruffalo. It’s just a little off!

But I gotta say, picking Coco Martin for the voice of Rocket Raccoon is perfect! Why? Well, I am pretty much tired of seeing his face in ‘Ang Probinsyano’. I am sure you can sympathize with me on this however, I can also say we can never get enough of that signature Coco Martin voice!

I can only imagine them working together for this and running the complete story line! (Haha!) Not to mention, the rest of the cast are amazingly picked for this fictitious Avengers cast!

Kudos to our very own Gpao Villeza! (Instagram: @gpaovilleza) This is definitely a work of a Real Pinoy!

How about you?! WHO DO THINK WOULD PLAY IT BETTER? Please leave your comments below!