Respect thy elders

The way of respect is usually the way to go. And we Pinoys are no strangers to respect especially when it comes to the elderly. If you happen to visit the Philippines, we Pinoys will definitely appreciate these small actions… This is a quick lesson regarding a Filipino culture or tradition on how to address elders.

  • The Magic 2-Letter and 3-letter Word: “Po” and “Opo”

Such small words but this makes a great deal of impact to not just the elderly but to almost anyone in the Philippines. If ever you’re saying something in either “Tag-Lish” or straight up tagalog, putting the word“Po” in the  middle of those sentence swill make someone smile. Eg. “Magkano PO ito?” or “Saan PO ang daan?”

  • The “Mano” gesture
Gold Medalist, Margielyn Didal does the ‘Mano’ to President Rodrigo Duterte


If in case you want to show respect to some random elderly, this is probably the most important gesture to do. This has been a staple Filipino culture that is done all over the island. If this is a mystery, you might see this in some pinoy television shows or random people along the streets. It is when someone asks for an elderly’s hand and then gently taps the outer part of the hand onto their forehead. This is called a “Mano” and it is the single most important gesture of respect towards someone.

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