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Patikim ng kwek-kwek mo.


Let me taste your kwek-kwek?

Are you hungry on your way home or maybe short in cash, butt starving, and could eat a chest full of eggs? I present you the legendary street food tag-team ‘kwek-kwek’ and “Tokneneng”!

In the midst of the busy streets of where ever you are at, the sight of a man pushing a food cart, selling small, orb-like, orange thingies being deep fried in boiling oil. These eggs are called either “Kwek-Kwek” and “Tokneneng”. You shouldn’t miss this sight as it is usually packed with a great deal of people running about just to grab a quick bite.


The name came from an old Tagalog comic book character,“Tokneneng” by Vic Geronimo. However, the word “Kwek-Kwek” is still a mystery to most of us and more often, even the Real Pinoys are confused as to which is which. First, just to set the records straight, the small ones are called Kwek-Kweks and the bigger ones are the Toknenengs. The hard-boiled eggs or hard boiled quail eggs are covered with orange batter. I guess these names sound about right as it rolls right off the tongue just like the mysterious egg-recipe itself.  

How it’s served

Often served piping hot and fresh out of the pan, the Manongs who sell these wondrous eggs come with 3 different sauces (Normally…). Vinegar, Hot and Spicy, Sweet and Hot, and Spicy Sweet. (This is true!) What you do when you come up to the pushcart is just grab a stick which is commonly found near the roof of the cart, hanging so that everyone would see. After you get the sticks, you have a choice whether they put the eggs inside a plastic cup or just poke ‘em eggs right off the pan… and the most fun part, choosing the right sauce to counter the saltiness of the batter covering the egg.

These eggs are well-suited for the student on a budget, the office-guy or gal on the go or the typical Pinoy who’s just hungry for anything. However, if you are fresh outta the States or any other country, this is definitely a MUST-TRY!

The classic Pinoy would dip the eggs in either Vinegar or one of any sauces available, but the REAL PINOY will dip these Orange Wonders inall of the sauces! 

So… How do you like your eggs?