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The Book of Know Something Important…Jeepneys!


How to ride the local Jeepney!

Once you arrive in any part of the metro, you should be able to see our legendary main mode of transportation! The “Jeepney”!

What is that?!?

A Jeepney!

Source: https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/survival-guide-to-riding-the-jeepney-in-the-philippines

Jeepneys are designed from the typical Military PC (Personnel Carrier). It’s those big trucks you see that carry around soldiers. These are picked up from that same design. The layout of the Jeepneys is made to carry around multiple passengers with the ease of getting in and getting out of the vehicle. The entrance and exit of the vehicle is what separates this mode of transportation from the rest. Now, there are a couple things you should remember when riding these beasts of burden:


Now, once you’re inside the jeepney. You should be able to realize that you’re going to be paying the driver anytime soon. Once you’re ready to pay, all you need to do is utter these lines: “Ma, bayad po”. Which translates to:  “Sir, payment”. Once you say that, immediately give the payment to the person nearest the driver or the person next to you. The longer the route, the more you have to pay. Pesos are the currency and the going rate for the first 1 kilometers is at 9 pesos (a whopping .17 cents!).

Getting off your stop

Unlike other modes of transportation around the world, jeepney drivers can stop anywhere. Just ask them nicely though and there’s also a magic line for that which is: “Ma, para po” which translates to: Sir, I get down here.  And the jeep will come to a full stop and off you go!

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