Now, now… don’t get your underpants in a bunch. We all saw what happened to the fight and it was pretty freaking awesome right? AMIRIGHT? We thought that was a match can stand as a fight for the year right?! Now, what is it that we want to talk about here? A blow by blow from a professional? Nope. We will tackle this through the eyes of a normal pinoy trying to watch a boxing hero, and see how age hasn’t slowed Pacquiao.

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Pinoys love their boxing, and most especially their boxing heroes. Let’s do a dive-down on the latest fight.


Mayweather vs Pacquiao in the "fight of the century"
So-called “Fight of the Century”


Pinoys, we all remember the fight against Mayweather correct? Everyone called it the “Fight of the Century”. The world was disturbed and everything from daily humdrums to important meetings was halted. Only to find, that the match was not really… exciting. I admit that the two boxers’ fighting styles were total opposites. Manny is an all-out slugger and an in-fighter, while Mayweather was a technical and a counter puncher. The funny thing is, even the great Mike Tyson called Mayweather “delusional” because after the fight, Mayweather declared himself the greatest.

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

Anyways! We all know how that match ended. Countless people were disappointed with the fight because it was… sorry for the lack of a better term, ‘boring’. Now where are we going with this again?! Because technically, the same display of athleticism was present in the match. We will dive into that in a bit.

Life Begins at 40

A week before the fight, Pinoys have been very skeptical on whether the Pacman can still hold his ground as one of the greatest boxers of all time. Now get this, a month before this particular fight, Manny Pacquiao celebrated his 40th birthday. This pretty much sums up what Pinoys think about what will happen to the fight, we felt that this is going to be like pushing an old man around.

40 is the new 20

But, that’s not how the fight went. I had first-hand experience of what Pinoys think was happening during the fight. Why? Because I was one of them Pinoys who had no money for pay per view so we had to watch from the window of someone else’s house. You think I’m joking? Nah! Pics or it did not happen? Check this out…

Watching the fight vs. Broner from a store
This is how we watched The Pacquiao VS Broner fight!

Well? Believe me ? Let’s get to business! Here’s the blow by blow from the eyes of the Pinoy…

Ang Galing! (That’s Great!)

The pace did not pick up, till the seventh round kicked in. The first few rounds were like watching stereotypical rounds of boxing. It was a whole lot of running and trying to reach in.

Ding! Round 1, FIGHT!

Rounds 1 and 2 were like the same. People were saying, “Ano ba yan?! Boring!” (What the heck?! Boring!). A group of guys behind me were starting to leave already. All of them had mixed feelings saying that Manny was already growing old and soft. They said, he did not have the same vigor as before; and that his punches were not as explosive back 10 years ago. So, I said softly… softly enough for them to listen closely, “Ganyan naman lahat… tumatanda. Lagay ka ng 40 years old dyan sa ring. Baka di maka tayo ng tatlong segundo.” (That happens to everyone. We grow old. I bet if you put a 40 year old guy in that ring, he won’t be able to last three seconds). Y’know what happened? Everyone looked at me with condescending eyes as if they were trying to tell me to shut up and mind my own business.

The next rounds were a little off key, but you can definitely still see the fire in Pacman’s eyes. It was probably because in one of the interviews, Broner mocked Freddie Roach’s condition.

Enter Round 7

This was something that changed the mood of everyone who was watching the fight. Pacquiao started to chase after Broner who was excessively running from the punches. I used the word running, because I know dodging when I see it; and Broner was taking one too many steps for this to be called an evasion.  The Pacman went berserk and took some steps forward. Playing aggressively and viciously, the punches went like a Gatling gun firing up and lighting up Adrien Broner. Apparently, age hasn’t slowed Pacquiao, despite being 40.

The PacMan Chargeth!

Broner takes it on the chin in round 7
Round 7

Mid round of the 7th, Broner finally stopped his stepping and went for the ropes. That was when Manny unleashed a barrage of hooks coming from all over the place. Out from the window, I could hear the people on the stadium chanting “MANNY! MANNY! MANNY!”, so I joined the television and shouted with the audience! The guys beside were like, “Anong ginagawa ng lalakeng to… MANNY!! MANNY!!” (What the hell is this man doing? Well… MANNY MANNY!!!).  After a few seconds of taking Manny’s punches and bouncing off the ropes, Broner finally clinched and got away from the severe drumming.

The men around me changed their moods from skeptical to methodical and analytic. They were even saying things they probably didn’t understand, but all they see is Manny throwing hands at Broner and our champ was winning. I even heard one of them say, “Sana kung nag sidestep si Manny, mahahabol nya yun tapos tsaka sya nag hook.” (If only Manny took a sidestep, he would have caught him with a hook). If only I could talk without remorse I would have said something like, ‘How about you enter the ring and see how EASY it is to do a quick step and chasing an evading boxer. Try to give a hook while you’re chasing! Well, I can’t blame them for being the experts they are.

Winning the crowd

Round 8 was even more ferocious with a synergy of punches from the PacMan . Broner managed to strap on his seatbelts and went on a ride around the ring. With all the running and gunning, Broner was losing the crowd fast.

Pugilism as an art

One thing you should remember about boxing, is it is much like the Gladiator matches in Rome. It is not enough to win the match, winning the crowd matters. You need to give them a good show. If you hear someone say, “I watch boxing for the love of the sport and the show of sportsmanship between two men.”; it’s the same as saying that you watch pornography for the acting. People came to the arena to watch 2 men beat the heck out of each other; and not play tag. In fact, that is how you win the match. Punch the other guy so hard so he will not get up to fight another round.

The tide favors the PacMan

Pacquiao corners Broner
A cornered Broner trying to slip past the Gatling gun


This was the moment when the guys behind me kept on saying, “Pusta na tayo kay Pacquiao ako!” (Bet money, Pacquiao is going to win this one). The guys were now on my side and they were trying to laugh at Broner for technically trying to survive the round. According to some reviews, this has been the most lopsided round in the match. Here is how we got into the game real bad, we now started wondering…  How can a 40 year old guy pummel a man half his age?

The punches grew stronger and stronger while Broner dodged faster and faster.

Commercial Breaks

Well, since we were watching it pay per view; we did not really have a chance to chat that much; me and my newfound friends, I mean. The breaks took at least 2 to 3 minutes. However, if you are watching this match from a local channel? Whew! You were going to need a whole lot more than just a glass of water. You should be prepared to have an impromptu speech about how life is hard back when you were 5 years old. The rounds take 3 minutes to finish. Since the telecast was already recorded, you were going to be watching 20 minutes worth of commercial breaks PER ROUND!

In our case, much thanks to our neighbor who was kind enough to open their window for us to watch the boxing match without the senseless commercial breaks.


Round 9 came and it was go time. Both boxers showed a little fatigue. The blows were still serious, but it was a little frustrating to the eyes of the Pinoy. During this round, Broner was skirting faster than the previous rounds. Our eyes lit up like the fires you see in Anime. 1 minute before the round ends, Pacquiao unleashed a left hook and connected to Broner’s right phiz. His knees went from stiff as a board to jelly on a plate. The Pacman pushed him again on the ropes, where he wanted Broner to be, and pulled the trigger of a whole round of his buckshots to both body and face.

Pacquiao keeps Broner in the corner
Caught in the corner

The disadvantage of going wild (and we pretty much know this is Pacquiao’s waterloo when he is attacking); is that the PacMan is susceptible to counter punches. Broner cocked his right hand and let loose a singing counter punch to the Champ’s face. The round was like a gun fight between two cowboys. Both of them dodging and swaying as the bullets zing past them. This round was well received by the guys behind me. They cheered for both Broner and Pacman as the two went out in full swing. 

Middle of the fight, Pacman did his signature taunt where he bangs his gloves together showing that he wasn’t hurt and ready for more. Broner answered back by mimicking the taunt. I can see from their eyes that IT WAS ON.

Based on what we saw and witnessed, Pacman won that round ten fold.

The Beating of the Drum

You have to watch out for that left!
When that left connects…


Round 10 went by fast. When I say fast, we all saw the two running around the ring chasing one another. Broner was trying to tire out Pacquiao by dancing around the punches. I would have to admit that he really did a great job dodging the punches. Pacman’s trying to push forward like a soldier on horseback holding a lance. The stamina showed no falter on this round, but little by little, Broner’s cred was dropping. The morale of his supporters were now dwindling faster than he could dodge Manny’s punches. If you listened closely to this round, you will hear an earsplitting ‘Boo’ from the crowd.

My newfound friends? They jumped on that bandwagon so fast, we grabbed attention from people on the other street. The kids were now watching with us. They were shouting and laughing as Broner looked like he was running away to survive the fight.

When the round ended, while they were both walking back to their neutral corners…  Broner banged his chest twice to show the crowd that he was tough, even though the bruises on his face show otherwise. When the guys behind me saw him do that, they immediately shouted “OHH!!! Gusto pa daw eh!” (OHH! Looks like he still wants more!).

Final Rounds

To the victor go the celebrations
The Victor and all of this is for you Pinoys


Noone will be safe from the Pacman’s punches. Mid round of 11, Broner did not throw as many punches as he should be. Basing it on the round per round performance, he really needed a miracle to get ahead of Pacman’s lead and I am sorry to say that his dodging did not help at all. When the bell sounded to start round 12, Pacquiao sprinted towards Broner to grab a knockout or any punches in. On the other side of the ring, Broner was prancing around dodging the punches and kept on mocking the Pinoy slugger. Right before the bell rang to sound the end of the round, Pacman did a foot shuffle in front of Broner’s face and team just to show that we know what happened. Broner rushed to his neutral corner and climbed the ropes with confidence.

Meanwhile on Pacman’s neutral corner, we can see that the ‘Fighting Senator’ did his usual routine of kneeling down and praying.

When the score card was announced…  It showed 117-111 and 116-112, twice. A unanimous decision was met, and Pacman won the fight. The guys behind me cheered and bought a couple of beers. Gave me 1 bottle and said, “Tama ka nga bro. Mahina na nga si Pacman pero hindi papatalo ang pinoy.” (You are right bro. Pacman may have grown weaker but Pinoys would not go down without a fight). If you ask me, Manny  didn’t get weaker, he became wiser to the game. Salud, Manny!