Day two Bantayan with island hopping.

I am pretty sure you are going to ask me, “NO ISLAND HOPPING IN CEBU?!”. Of  course there is! Not just some wade on the water type of island hopping but based on their itinerary, they went for more than just hopping the islands in Cebu…

She continued her story…

“So, I woke up early morning to see the sun rise. Bantayan sea scape did not disappoint! She was a beauty!

The usual fare of Instagram hungry people peppered the beach, but what piqued me more were the early birds who were peddling their fares. I just couldn’t resist (again)

Meet Lilibeth. She sells cooked scallops every morning to early risers. Her scallops are gathered by divers who harvest these in the far end of the island. While scallops cost around 1k plus for a plate in the city, I bought 3 bags for 100 pesos (yes! Freaking 100 pesos only!) and stuffed my face, big-time.

Even the prices of around the island left me astounded as I listen to my friend’s stories!

Our island hopping brought us to Hilantagan, a small island with its fishing village. We got these babies real fresh! So fresh, their scales were pink!

Electricity in Hilantagan island was only installed last year; and the high school system was established only 5 years ago. Previously, students would have to ride a boat to the main island and pay for room and board for 350 a month per head. They go home on weekends, and the cycle repeats all over again.

Water is still scarce and they would get their water supply from Bantayan. One bottle costs 35. During summer, the main source of livelihood would be to bring tourists to selected spots of the island. Fish is scarce because the waters are warm, he said. During the rainy seasons, their source of livelihood would turn to fishing.”

Speaking of fishing… Sometimes I dream about being a fisherman just to suffice my hankering for the daily shrimp salad! Or Shrimp Sinigang… Or just plain shrimp dipped in soy sauce! I think I can live as a fisherman in Cebu…

“Rene Ofqueria was our official boat escort for the day. We asked him if he ever ventured going to Manila and try his luck. He said, he went to Manila years ago to work in the Navotas fishing port. He went back to the island and never returned. Manila Port was smelly and dirty, he said. I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t exchange this view for Manila either.

After an hour of snorkeling, we headed out to Virgin Island. Where this seascape greeted us.

Have you ever, I mean EVER, seen such beauty? Cause I could live here!

“It took us beach gypsies the whole of the afternoon just wading and snorkeling on Virgin Island. Despite the entrance fee of 500 for the first two pax and 100 in excess of that, it was totally worth it. One gypsy had an allergic reaction to the fish, but the Lifeguards gave her an antihistamine FOR FREE.

And look! These Lifeguards in hot pink uniform? And they said real men wear pink. 
But seriously, these guys took their job seriously, they were exercising despite the scorching heat.”

I mean she said it herself… You can definitely live here. Who would say no to live in a paradise?! The sand looks like it has its own soul that you do want to disturb. I can only imagine the moment when the sea meets the sand… it must feel like witnessing two worlds that are star crossed… Like a love story… only in Cebu.