Cebu, B!

In middle of all the goo-ga happening in the country, apparently one person from our team was granted a vacation, unfortunately… it wasn’t me. I cried myself to sleep literally when I heard that the trip was going to be in Cebu. IN CEBU! Oh my good lord… Not only that, I was asked to write something about her trip! Talk about that salt in the wound right? But no harm done. I was able to see the beauty of Cebu through the eyes of someone else! And that my friends, is an experience worth a million.

The following are accounts from my team mate as I interviewed about her wonderful experience in the Island of Cebu:

Note to self though, the Philippines is more than just Manila or Quezon City. You have to remember that it is composed of 7, 100+ islands. Hence, there will be times that traveling to the elusive mountains or lakes will be challenging.

It took me three separate days to pack and then on the third and last day before our flight, I re-packed my stuff in a bigger bag to make sure that everything was in order. I threw in a couple of jeans, mah new Geox, toiletries, underwear, my plane tix, and a pocket full of kaching kaching!

I spent the night at my friend’s house because it’s a lot near the airport than from where I am at. So I went there, aAnd guess what?! As I was checking my bags to do a quick breakdown… MY PLANE TICKET WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!

It was a good thing that my husband was on standby and immediately ran to the rescue! He sent me the tickets (via e-mail) that I forgot in my other bag. Good thing or else, this would have been a very short article.

Just like Manila, Cebu has its share of traffic, but it’s not as bad or as hectic. It has a somewhat laissez-faire attitude. Streets are three lanes each way, and there are no drivers edging their way to get ahead of the other.

It’s highly urbanized, and is not lacking of a Jollibee, 7-11, nor an S&R outlet.

Networks accommodate LTE technology, and outlets for prepaid load are plenty.

We arrived 15 minutes late to the aircon bus terminal that would take us to Bantayan Island ferry, so we took the “fresh air” bus instead (aka, economy).

Day one – en route to Bantayan Island

Despite Mandaue being a highly urbanized city, there were still green patches of land, and infrastructures were in good condition. One thing I noticed was that people used the overpass, and that the structure of these stairs were evenly spaced together, which made it ergonomically easier to use.

You get one bathroom stop en route to Bantayan. There’s this quaint little bakery store where I bought this crumbly, slightly buttery, not too sweet pastry for 56 pesos. It wasn’t bad at all, but what made it stand out? It had fennel seeds dotting the flavor, which made  it a delight! I recommend that you buy it. Cause it’s good!

Titay’s creation did not disappoint. It literally was crumbly, then buttery heaven as it melts in your mouth!

A four hour bus ride (yes, four) to the port may seem tiring to the city dweller, but it was very calming with sceneries of green and blue dotting the vista.

We stayed in Cebu for 4 days and it was blissful! Take note, this is just a prelude to the adventures that The Real Pinas took! More to come!