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How to PLAY INGRESS… Real Pinoy Style!


Remember when I wrote about the online game, Ingress? Let me tell you how it all started.

The origins of Iracai and the Gamer Beasts from the South

I wasn’t actually playing Ingress, my mother was. Eh, wot? Yes, my mother. She was one of the pioneer gamers of this online augmented reality game, and she invited my wife and me to play. Since I had “Big” (my bike) with me, it meant that capturing portals would be easier to do.

We entered Ingress just like anybody else, my wife and I started as nobodies. Given that we had the mobility to play the game faster and more efficient versus the other players, our goal was to basically just Have Fun.

However, the aggressiveness we brought to the table, flipped off the opposing side and our names went viral inside the Pinoy Community of Ingress. We became a notorious force to be wary of.

What is Ingress?

But, wait! Let me backtrack a bit further, to a refresher course on this augmented reality game.

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The objective of Ingress is to deploy “resonators” to a “portal” and create fields (three portals make a triangle or a field), and destroy the opposing faction’s fields or portals. Your personal objective is to reach Level 16 or 40million AP, and obtain medals along the way. The AP you gather contributes to leveling up. It may seem easy peasy, but it’s sooooo not. Not only do you have to be mobile, the trek to creating fields can sometimes be a challenge. BAFs (Big Ass Fields) constitute fields that cover cities, and can sometimes cross continents.

Enlightened versus Resistance

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The story of Ingress is based on two factions (or teams, as you might call it). The Enlightened (green team, aka frogs), who wish to harness the power coming from the portals known as XM. According to the back story, they study these anomalies and use its powers for the evolution of mankind. The second faction is Resistance (blue team, aka Smurfs), who fight against the tide of the invasion and consider XM a threat to humans. These two sides are on constant battle on who will repel whom.

How to play:

Ingress gives you a tutorial, which is relatively easy. Turn on your internet, your GPS location (because this is primarily location dependent), and look for portals. Portals are landmarks that you pass by or encounter when you traverse the alternate reality. If it’s grey, it’s uncaptured; if it’s green, it’s owned by a frog; if it’s blue, it’s owned by a smurf.

A Well-known ingress strategy called the STAR BURST
Source: https://fevgames.net/

The objective of Ingress is to “link” portals of the same color, and make a “field” using keys of those portals you wish to connect. This is the fun part. You can make a small field from portals that span one block of your neighborhood to the next, or Big Ass Fields (BAFs) crossing and encompassing one country to another.

You need gear:

Each player is provided a 2,000 item capacity for their inventory. These are the items you need in order to progress through the game and interact with the Portals around your area. They can be either composed of:


  • XMPs bursters – I would say that this is the most important item of the game. I can say that since during most of our operations, I was tasked to terminate blocking links for us to produce a large field covering the area. In short, these are your ammo, and you use it to kill portals from the opposing faction. Long press gives you a stronger damage to the portals.
  • Ultra Strike – These are weapons used to destroy shields on a portal. (We will get to the shields later on). These little babies packs a punch and presses through a Portal’s shield to make it vulnerable to an XMP barrage.
  • ADA Refactor – Instantly turns or flips any green portal to blue
  • Jarvis Virus – Instantly turns or flips any blue portal to green.

Resonators – These are integral to a portal’s life. In order to capture a portal, you need to place 1 Resonator on i,t though 8 resonators are needed to be filled for a portal to be fully powered and online. If there are any resonators missing, a player cannot be able to link or field to that portal.

Keys – You will need you will need keys in order to link one portal to another. Getting more keys means more chances you will make a field.

Power cubes – Putting it in MMORPG terms, these are POTIONS or POTS. These items help you “heal” when hit or attacked by mods placed in the enemy’s portals.

Capsules – there are two kinds of capsules: the regular where you place excess inventory; and the Quantum. The quantum allows you to spawn up to a maximum of 100 items.

Mods – you use these objects when you want to reinforce or strengthen your portals, and make them less susceptible to hits by the opposing faction.

  • Shields – there are three types. Common, Rare and Very Rare. As you can guess, the rarer the items, the “stickier” they are to the portal and tougher to withstand XMP attacks.
  • Force amplifier – a weapon used to repel attacks from xmp busters from an opposing faction. The Force Amplifier is used to increase the Force of portal defense. This is  a defensive mod that is best combined with the Turret mod.
  • Turret – this is a portal mod that increases the defense of your portal by affecting its counterattack rate and hit bonus. Turrets only come with the rarity level Rare.
  • Heat sink – These little critters come in handy when you are trying to FARM items on a portal via HACKING. Because heat sinks lowers down the cool down time of a portal right after a hack.
  • Multi Hack – This goes hand in hand with Heat Sinks. Since ALL Portals have a maximum of 5 hacks per AGENT (Player), this item extends it by 3 depending on the rarity of the Multi Hack.

On our next episodes, I will tell you the unforgettable tales I had playing this game… Please… Stay Tuned and KEEP ON HACKING!