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The Turk Effect (Post Reviews) – EP: 1


I feel like starting a new post series which will mainly focus on the Social Media posts. We will tackle everything from the funny, to the disrespectful and controversial and those posts that are just downright surprising.

The reason why I am very much adamant in talking about these posts is because didn’t you know that Social Media has already overtaken Porn as the #1 activity on the web? Oh yes, this much is true my friends. People have already started looking at other people more than they do watch porn.

Funny right? Let me tell you something else that is funny. I am an avid fan of the great Dave Chappelle. He is a stand-up comedian. You may know him from his famous hit show back in the 90’s “The Chappelle Show”. He has this one quote that echoes true in my mind every time something funny happens. On one of this Netflix specials called, the Bird Revalation . The quote goes like this, “Sometimes the funniest thing to say is mean. You know what I mean? Tough position to be in. So I say a lot of mean things, but you guys gotta remember: I’m not saying it to be mean. I’m saying it because it’s funny. And everything’s funny ’till it happens to you.”

So this might be a tough position to be in but I am more than happy to do it. Please do remember that most of the things that you will be reading in this series are either funny or it’s just that the only reason why I am writing my comments is to voice my thoughts!

As for our very first entry!

I saw this post last couple of days and this practically started it all. I love it when someone posts something and I have something in my mind that either contradict it or to add fuel to its fire. This was a post from someone named: “Esme’” and was reposted by a friend captioning the post, “Wag bida bida”.

Please see the post below:

The post goes:

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Your habit of watching binge-worthy series on Netflix does not make you more of a person than those who spend their afternoon watching Kadenang Ginto. Your addiction to Billie Eilish and some underated indie songs with depressive metaphorical lyrics does not make you brilliantly different to those who listen to EX-B or some Korean groups. Your strong admiration towards Victor Hugo, Edgar Allan Poe, or Paulo Coelho does not make you intellectually superior than those who read wattpad stories. Come on, not because you much attention to those LoRdlY and cognitively mAdE high-ranking brainiac that should be intimidated and feared of. It is ok to recommend your taste, but is never okay to mock those people who have different references. We are all literate in our most unique way and I hope some of those gifted with alert cerebral structure understand that.

WOW THAT WAS HARD TO TYPE! So! Let’s get this on. From the get go, you will get that Esme’s point is that it is never ok to stereotype people just because you do not share the same tastes. Am I correct? I mean, I am just understanding it as I read it so that is my point of view as to how I would understand this post.

This is basically where the post got my noggin’ all burning with all these questions and contradictions!

My friends always tell that I have this knack in contradicting things that are obviously right. They also say that I just want to prove something. Well, that’s them. I contradict these things because in the absolute way of life, there are certain things that people do not understand.

Like this for example, Esme’ went on about the same point that if your taste and my taste are different, you do not have the right to judge me. Well… this struck a chord or two that made my ribs shake. I mean, I do judge people but mainly from their taste of music. When I want to befriend someone, I usually try to borrow their phone and check out their playlist. If I see songs that would irritate me during my day, I make it to a point to avoid that guy or girl. Here’s why…

Imagine you are having a super bad day… and ofcourse, you have this typical office setting or school setting from which you are having lunch with your friend. AND THEN HE STARTS SINGING A SONG THAT YOU HATE THE MOST! Won’t that be a wrap for the rest of your day?

So in literal terms, I did judge someone but did not say it to his or her face? Would that be an exemption to the rule? Do I now belong to the people Esme’ is saying in her post?

I did not say that I am better, it’s just that if 80% or 90% of your playlist belongs to Katy Perry, Lil’ Wayne, XXX Tentacion, Lil’ Pump or someone in this league… then more or less I won’t be hanging out with you. I just want to avoid that hypothetical argument between who is a much better rapper, 2Pac or Wiz Khalifa.

IF YAH MUMBLE RAP, Don’t even rap!

Though I have this thing with Pinoy Telenovelas which always catches my attention. Ever since the dawn of Esperanza and Mula sa Puso… I have been a fan. Although! I can also talk about Dexter, Lucifer, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Big Bang Theory, etc. So this basically gives me the view of both worlds right? However, if you went up to me and talk about Kadenang Ginto, Los Bastardos, Halik or any crappy written telenovela then you my friend are going to be in a world of hurt.

Really now…? Anything new?!
Source: Wikipedia

I do not watch Telenovelas which offer the same old Cinderella story that we all know. I hate remakes or on this case, Rewrites. If they have something identical from a previous show that I watch and then you come up to me and try to start a conversation… I will be talking your ear off.

So basically my point about this is… We are all presented a choice in life. For each and every step of the way, you have a choice on whether to do the right thing by the many, or the right thing based on your own moral. I always go about doing the things based on my own standards. If I think this is right, then I just do it.

But probably the one thing that holds us back from doing the right thing based on your own standards is Social Pressure. Everyone does not want to be the odd man out. You don’t want your friends to hate you. So you try to say and do whatever it is you feel that would make them feel happy. Most of us are just practically giving in to the pressure. Esme’, do you feel any pressure right now?

I am not saying that I am better than others because I also tend to give in to that same pressure. Simple things like when my friends and I get together and someone asks, “Saan tayo kakain?” (Where are we going to eat?). And whatever it is they decide on, I’ll go there. If someone says, “Jollibee” even though I hate how they always mess up my order when I ask for a thigh part and they give me something which DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A THIGH! But, I do not want to mess up their day by suggesting otherwise. I just shrug my shoulders and say, “Well… thigh part it is then.”

Even when we are going to drink. If they decide on drinking Red Horse which they love the most but for me, it does taste a lot like blood. Hmmm… Maybe it’s my body saying STOP don’t drink this!! Or San Mig Lights which is an poor excuse for a beer. I personally like Strong Ice because everything about that beer is balanced.

We are all entitled to an absolute freedom. And saying what you want about other people’s taste is just a small part of that sovereignty.

An absolute freedom
Source: openhandweb.org

I kinda agree on Esme’s note that it is ok to recommend but not to mock. Well… part of this I agree on. I always try to recommend my taste. But if you and I are friends, then that practically gives me full back stage access to mock the hell out of you.

It is just as what Kyle Kinane said in one of his specials, “Nobody owns anything because death is real.” I could say the same thing about the things you do.

My point? Just basically do whatever you want just as long as it follows a strict personal moral code. If you think what you are going to say will benefit the other person then go for it. But have a little bit of filter. Right Esme’?

So I would like to thank Esme’ for her post and I would like to let her know if in case she reads this, “I agree to some points but kinda disagree on some.”