Ever wonder if we were born with Super Powers? What would you want yours to be? Superhuman strength? Move at the speed of light? Shoot high powered lasers from your eyes or hands? Control time? Control...
They say that love makes the world go around. But in this modern age of shiny distractions, how do Filipinos keep the romance strong with so few outlets to show that affection? Let's talk about dating in the Philippines.
It's not hard to guess what an Expat thinks about Philippines traffic, but unless you have some context, it doesn't really come into full focus. For many, this traffic is what's already been their whole lives. But what about someone from somewhere else that isn't used to Philippines driving?
Do foreigners seem strange sometimes to you? Do you wonder why they seem to not appreciate your gestures? Is it weird that they get bothered by things that seem just fine to you? Here's an evolving list of things foreigners want you to know about how we sometimes think.

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