Same Old Lang Syne

Maven's take on a sentimental Christmas this holiday season.
Home Along da Riles Meet Romeo. An OFW working in Taiwan. He has been there for over 6 years, and is a very close family friend. Close in fact that he and The...
TRP's interview with a person nearest his heart. His grandmother.
Ever heard the term, “STUDY HUB”? No? Because you probably are still holding up seats in Starbucks and ordering a small cup of coffee… Oops? Shots fired? Nah! I do it as well if that’s any consolation....
Pinoys are no strangers to murders but this one was more than an eye-opener. The news shook the Pinoy community on all age brackets. This crime was like a message wrapped in a year old newspaper with no letter on it. This surprised us all… No one expected something like this to be on the news. It was beyond saddening, it was horrendous and downright disgusting!
The final days in Hagnaya All good things must come to an end sooner or later… This is my friend’s last statements about the island in Cebu and how they spent their last...
Day two Bantayan with island hopping. I am pretty sure you are going to ask me, “NO ISLAND HOPPING IN CEBU?!”. Of  course there is! Not just some wade on the water type...
Now, my friend’s adventure did not end there. They were able to squeeze a LOT of adventures during their 4-day vacay and it made it worthwhile! Here’s what she has to say…

The Southside

Cebu, B! In middle of all the goo-ga happening in the country, apparently one person from our team was granted a vacation, unfortunately… it wasn’t me. I cried myself to sleep literally when I...
Now, now… do not get your underpants in a bunch. We all saw what happened to the fight and it was pretty freaking awesome right? We thought that was a match can stand as a fight for the year right?! Now, what is it that we want to talk about here? A blow by blow from a professional? Nope. We will tackle this through the eyes of a normal pinoy trying to watch a boxing hero.

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