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Did you get stranded last Wednesday? Well, guess what? Rainy days are here again! Plus TRP's tips on how to embrace the rainy season.
What is happening with this Doble Plaka law? They cannot seem to decide proper on whether they need to have this regulated, implemented or suspended. At this point I am not sure about...
Remember the time we found out that a number of our Senators were accused of graft? We stood and sat behind a TV screen and watched. We complained… a whole lot! Some of the people who were accused, are (once again) running for a chance at another term in the senatorial race; and yet, what do we do? The vast majority of us are just… passive.

A Cry for Help

I know you may have already read my article saying we Pinoys are a proud group of people who go through depression once in a while. I gave the brief rundown of the numbers, and a...
Unlike other modes of transportation around the world, jeepney drivers can stop anywhere. Just ask them nicely though and there’s also a magic line for that which is: “Ma, para po”

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Netease releases a new breed of MOBA! “THE EXTRAORDINARY ONES”!

A new MOBA that features anime-ish feel and gameplay. Netease has clocked the game for CBT and will run till April 29, 2019 and after that, all data will be wiped before its official launch! Read on!