It’s NOT just a GAME.

Ever heard of an Augmented Reality Game? It’s those games which supplement the use of today’s technology and reality. Think of it like looking at the world through a different set of eyes. These are games which took the world by storm during the early 2000s. With the use today’s smart phones expertise, game developers created a game which focused mainly on viewing the world with the use of Maps. Yes… Google Maps. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the game Poke’mon Go. But… we won’t be talking about that. We will discuss the forerunner of this gaming genre. INGRESS.

The Rundown

You are an agent called by a mysterious group of people called the Resistance and the Enlightened. And the medium they use to contact you is guess what… through your mobile phone! Your mobile device is now called a ‘Scanner’ which can detect anomalies called XMs. XM are materials used to power up your scanner and these are also not normal. The appearance of ‘Portals’ are what’s causing these XM to appear. These portals appear in different landmarks such as fountains, plazas, historical buildings, old houses, etc.

How to Play

The objective of the game is to deploy “resonators” to a “portal” and create fields (three portals make a triangle or a field), and destroy the opposing faction’s fields or portals. Your personal objective is to reach Level 16, and obtain medals along the way. The AP you gather contributes to leveling up. It may seem easy peasy, but it’s sooooo not. Not only do you have to be mobile, the trek to creating fields can sometimes be a challenge. BAFs (Big Ass Fields) constitute fields that cover cities, and can sometimes cross continents.

Choose your Side

The depth of the storyline of ingress goes in way too deep. Ever since its conception, the game has had a cult-like following. The story of ingress follows two sides of the coin. The Enlightened, who wishes to harness the power coming from the portals known as XM.  They study these anomalies and use its powers for the evolution of mankind. And the Resistance, who fights against the tide of the invasion and consider XM a threat to humans. These two sides are on constant battle on who will repel whom.

Ingress as Pinoys!

The world is the biggest playground a man can ever use and with the WHOLE WORLD as your concourse, you are never to run out of options!

The ingress community in the Philippines is booming with both Enlightened and Resistance players alike. Events called ‘Anomalies’ are held at least twice in the first quarter. The game basically follows the same essence as your normal MMORPGs. You destroy the opposing side’s portals and get experience points. The higher your level, the higher the access you get with weapons and portal modifications. The game calls you to be “ON” the place so you’re not glued to your Mobile Phones sitting. You really have to move.  All you need to do is fire up your device and you’re good to go! Imagine going to your favorite beach resorts and finding a portal using your ‘Scanner’. It will definitely make you go “Teka saan pa kaya may mga portal dito?” (Wait… where else can I find portals around here?)

Why play?

The game is practically the grandfather of Augmented Reality games. Before Poke’mon Go, there was Ingress. If you’re currently playing PO-GO, you are definitely going to love playing Ingress. Though the main difference in the experience is, Ingress is ten-folds more competitive than Po-Go. What are you sitting down for?! Download the APP and GET MOVING PINOY!