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The Real Pinoy Adjustment!


The year 2018 ended with a bang!

As the disquieting thought of another year brewed and waiting to be sipped, so too does the bittersweet feeling of anticipation that sinks in. This 2019, I personally think that we should treat this year like Kapeng Barako (Brewed Coffee). The understood thing to do with coffee is to taste it while it’s hot, but in order to grab the full taste and extent of this aromatic coffee, it has to go through a ‘filter’. This filter is what I would like to call ‘Planning’.

But on conflicting Real Pinoy belief that plans don’t always go as… well… planned, we always tend to go out guns blazing towards the year and exhausting all your energy at the first half thus not being able to perform properly for the rest of the game.

Personally speaking…

I did not start my 2018 with the right steps. I went gung-ho on the first quarter of the year and it cost me my job in the corporate world. This is where Pinoys take pride in what they believe in which is pushing forward in the midst of a very hard downfall. I was able to pick up the pieces on the latter part of the year and started writing professionally. It was not part of my initial plan to lose my job but it opened up a whole lot of opportunities which gave me the edge to enter 2019 with the right mind set.

Real Pinoys as a whole…

We tend to believe in various superstitions that can be downright silly in a way. Most of the times, we Real Pinoys take these enigmatic beliefs just before the our very own Filipino New Year comes. Do you remember your mother or your grandmother asking you to wear red? Or fixing the basket filled with 12 round-shaped fruits? Throwing the fruits from the door, inside the house along with coins? Or even eating 12 pieces of grapes per family member? Hanging 7 pieces of Grapes in front of your door? Having pancit as a mandatory nutrient for the New Year’s Eve dinner? Preparing a bowl of rice with coins on top? Turning up the volume of your good ol’ surround sound speakers to keep the negative energies away. And my personal favorite; jumping high when the clock strikes 12:00 Midnight in hopes of gaining a few inches for your height!

Don’t laugh! If you’re reading this and you shake your head, you probably do this by the letter! (Just playing…) These superstitions are what separate us from the normal pinoy, which is a little odd to think about because back in the ’90s, this is what the ‘norm’ was, right? But in the age of 2018, families who follow these superstitions are a rare sight.

Never lose track…

The essence of planning for the Filipino New Year is to collect enough information from the previous years and filter out the odd ones, then apply the right ones to the following year. This can sound general but you have to stick with being as real as you can be.

My advice for the upcoming year? Filter this year’s coffee. Share it with family. Drop the mic after ever epic moment in your life and as always…


MANIGONG BAGONG TAON PINOY! (Happy Filipino New Year!)