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Viral Internet Challenges. For fun or a threat?


Who remembers the famous and infamous viral internet challenges that have come and gone? The Ice Bucket Challenge, The Running Man challenge… or how about these downright dangerous challenges that the internet has come up with like, The Kiki Challenge, The Salt and Ice challenge, Tide Pods Challenge or better yet, the Cinnamon Challenge?

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These are some of the weirdest and downright life-threatening phenomenon in the Internet which has been taking everyone by storm. Many people are not condoning these acts because it threatens the lives of innocent children. However, in my opinion, if you are within the age of reason and you are still doing these challenges, then you are probably headed the wrong way in life, and I suggest you hang up your coat and sleep it off. GROW UP!

These dares are downright brutal and will test your mettle because you will definitely see everyone doing it but the thing that you are blinded by the aftermaths of these so-called “Challenges”.

The Kiki Challenge?!

I will specifically call out the “The Kiki Challenge” where the person steps out of a moving car or any vehicle, leaving the door open and then dance to the song made famous by Drake.

When I saw this on this first on Youtube I was like, “What the heck is wrong with these fools?!”.

The infamous Kiki Challenge
Source: https://odishasuntimes.com/

I do not know much about dancing but this is some border line test of common sense! Have you seen the FAILS of this challenge?! Seeing the fails of this Kiki Challenge was way more fun than watching a basketball game between Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors!

I even saw a guy get arrested while doing the challenge mid-dance! Boy that was funny as hell!

Now, I was browsing through some clips and ads on both Google and Facebook to catch on daily news and something caught my eye… Have you ever heard of the “Momo Challenge”?

The Threat with a Face

Oh, this is going to drive you up the wall and hug your kids. You read this right, your KIDS because this Momo challenge is something that has allegedly taken the lives of children in Venezuela and Brazil and now… this challenge has taken someone’s life here on Philippines Soil.

The base of the challenge is this; you need to do 50 tasks in a span of 50 days.

An Ubume Scupture used to represent the MOMO CHALLENGE
Source: http://www.acrossstates.com/

Now I checked out a video of the mother telling the story. According to the interview with the mother of the victim, she did not see any signs of depression in her child, but rather some straight up unusual events, like the time when her son told her about his classmate that tried killing himself by slitting their wrists. I was like, “Word?! Is this for real?!” because that would mean that an 11-year old kid slashed his/her wrist inside a classroom?! What in the…  an 11 year-old?!

According to the mother, she saw her son’s Facebook account and apparently they have been sharing Suicidal Games. Caught your attention now, eh? The parents became skeptic; because according to her, they have been noticing that their kid was mostly up all night watching horror films.

And just before the child’s untimely demise, he uttered the words, “I will follow my Master and I will kill them all.”

She thinks that this was caused by an online app called, “The Momo Challenge”.

What kind of things was the child immersed in, for him to be capable of such things?!

I did a quick dip in the water and researched what these challenges are and I was appalled and it made me sick to my stomach.

Course of Action

I personally think, that this had a major impact on the parents and are now micromanaging their kids’ actions. We DO NOT have to PANIC and have our kids on LOCK DOWN. As a father, I too am worried but I have this feeling in me that I do not have to worry about this Momo challenge catching on my kids’ lives.

Why? Because first of all, I do not give them mobile phone privileges. I always maintain total control over my kids’ access on either internet or video streaming. It’s not micromanaging, and your kids will not hate you for it if you did not raise them to be dependent on the device.

(Also it’s a fact that I can’t afford my kids to have their own phones. Sometimes it does pay to be on mid-range pay)

You might be skeptic about the Momo challenge but Phone Addiction is real.
Source: https://www.irishtimes.com/

Secondly, I talk to my kids. Not just chat about the stuff they did at school or a report of what they did today… I exchange stories with them. I tell them about a story when I was in high school, and they make comments about it and ask questions… I talk to them about topics that challenges their mind, like ‘if you were in this position’ questions.

The Little Things

Third, I play with them and do not ignore them. If your kid is asking for your attention or asking you to play with you or talk to you; do not shrug it off and continue playing your match in Mobile Legends or say, “Mamaya wait lang!” (Later, just wait!) to your kid. If you are doing this as a parent; then you, my friend, are going for the MVP on whatever game you’re playing but you are scoring LOW on your children’s scoreboard.

There is this one dude I watched on Youtube named DrDisRespect. He is a hardcore gamer who streams his videos live on Twitch and later airs his highlights on Youtube. One thing I noticed about this guy, is that every time his daughter enters the scene- regardless of whether he is in the middle of the match or mid click in “pwning” another player-he would stop. He drops his keyboard, mouse and his game to carry his daughter away and talk to her, even if it’s just for mere minutes.

Are you feeling guilty?!
Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/

I know that gaming is a way for us parents to unwind and unload stress, but I have to say that when I play with my kids instead of going online to play a game behind a screen, it does give me a sense of fulfilment and that alone drops the stress off of my shoulders. How hard is it to play with dolls or action figures, really? I mean, you should get used to doing it!

Something to look forward to

Fourth, I watch movies with my kids on a daily basis. I always have this sacred time when my kids and I take our own spots on the couch. Yes, we have OUR OWN SPOTS on the couch. I sit on the long corner and the kids stay in the middle because I have long legs and I want to have them stretched during the movie. We turn off the lights, grab chips or popcorn, and then watch a random movie. (rated “G” movieof course!)

We would watch through the whole movie and then I would listen to their comments about the film and include my own remarks. I dive into a conversation with them and engage them by going against what they are saying. For example, we watched Toy Story 3. (Please tell me you have watched this…). On the scene where all the toys, Woody, Buzz, Potato Heads, etc are about to head into the incinerator and face the fire that was supposed to eat them alive… My eldest held my hand and when I saw her face, she was about to cry!

Of course, the ending went well, and then her comments about the movie left me stunned. She said this, “Alam ko na galit si Lotso (the antagonist teddy bear) sa toys pero di nya dapat sinisisi ang ibang toys dahil iniwan sya. Muntikan pa tuloy mamatay si Woody at wala nang Toy Story 4.” (I know that Lotso was angry at the other toys, but he does not have to blame every other toy just because his owner left him. Good thing Woody is still alive or they won’t be any Toy Story 4). I was like, “This girl right here… just made an executive statement”.

The tear jerking Incinerator Scene (Toy Story 3)
Source: https://viewsfromthesofa.com/

And Lastly, I hug them tightly, and often. This is old school, but do this and they will thank you for it someday. TRUST ME.

For the record I have two kids, one is 5 years old and the youngest is 3 years old.A

Do the Math

I am not the Father of the Year… But I always make sure that I am a father to my kids. I play my role right, the rest of the suit follows.  

What most of us probably do not understand is that a normal parent spends 8-9 hours sitting behind a desk doing their job, 4-5 hours to travel from home to work and back, and then sleep for a good 5-6 hours A DAY.  That’s a total of 18 hours per day away from your kids. We only have 24 hours per day, dudes and dudettes (in case you are not checking).

That leaves you 6 hours left to spend it with family. In those 6 hours, I know some parents who would rather go to a party than host a tea party with their daughters and their toys or dolls. Parents who play hours on end just to get back those stars after a losing streak on small MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) game on mobile. Those who play their role playing games whose graphics look like a paper doll on a freaking stick trying to level up their characters up and grind for those rare drops but forget that their relationship with their children is in need leveling up as well.

Very very limited time folks…
Source: https://allaboutkiids.com/

And my personal favorite, those parents who just browse through Facebook, Instagram, etc. for 4 hours straight without even taking breaks! Here’s what I have to say about this, Facebook and Instagram is just like YOUR FRIDGE, no matter how many times you open it, you are going to see the same stuff.

Going back…

This is something that you should understand that if we circle back to the topic about the Momo challenge. These stupid, senseless and foolish tasks should not be a blip on your radar if your kids trust you. The only thing there is to give to your children is TIME (and college tuition… oh my God how can I forget those?  Just kidding!). They will appreciate every second you whip out a costume and play with them. A day to the park is priceless to them!

I am not saying that this will ultimately prevent these unfortunate events but by giving your kids a taste of life, is sometimes more than enough for them to appreciate life itself.

I am just probably lucky enough to work from home and have a constant watch on my kids, but that should not be the case for the ones who are working in the corporate world. Because I receive a whole lot of tension when my friends and I talk about jobs. They all say the same thing, “Sarap buhay na yang si Turk! Work from home eh!” (Turk is already living the good life! He’s working from home.). What they probably do not understand is that there is a certain level of responsibility that comes along by being a stay at home parent. You are entirely accountable for your children’s action (If you have one) not to mention the temptation and complacency that comes along the way. In short, whatever happens to my children, I am going to take the heat from everyone around me. That is why I can’t let these pesky online challenges to take a foothold and give me this uneasy sensation of FEAR that my children might go around and do these. H

Working from Home is a CHALLENGE.
Source: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/


For my fellow parents, I say this personally… I am no expert in parenting but I am well aware of the basic needs of a child and make sure that they have it all the time.  

This ridiculous Momo challenge should not pose a threat to your children if you give them the mindset that “It is ok to be scared or afraid.” No parent should bear this burden of not knowing what your child is up to. And no child should be gripped by these ‘Challenges’.

The fact is this is a part of our phase, we will always tell each other Ghost stories or creepy tales and we cannot stop our kids from doing it as well but we have to make sure they always have a shoulder to run to when they get scared.