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Ever wonder if we were born with Super Powers? What would you want yours to be? Superhuman strength? Move at the speed of light? Shoot high powered lasers from your eyes or hands? Control time? Control people? Or better yet… get unlimited wishes? Well, this is probably just me talking because I just recently finished watching a couple of super hero series that made me realize something…

Do Filipinos know that we can have our OWN Avengers?

We will jot down probably the most powerful and famous Pinoy Superheroes in this SUPER SERIES who can probably combat the Avengers or even the Justice League! We will form an unstoppable force that will make them think twice of ever going to a fictional war against us!


She is probably the most prominent superhero figure to ever graze both paper and television. She is revered as the “Wonder Woman” of the Philippines. Unlike other superheroes we know, Darna is conjured through the use of a mystical White Stone that a girl named Narda found when she and her brother were roaming in the woods after seeing a shooting star. Narda (Human Form) needs to swallow the stone and then shout the name “DARNA!” to transform to the Alien Warrior Woman.

Source: Wikipedia

Some of you might say that they are the same person… well technically since Narda is being displaced by Darna she is the same person but the persona is not. She calls out her alter ego to manifest her form into Narda thus, the Warrior is summoned. So in short, Narda is Narda and Darna is Darna. It’s not what you might think that they are the same.

Darna’s super powers are flight, super human speed and super human strength.

She was born through the eyes and imagination of the famous, Mars Ravelo, who is probably the most prominent comic book writer in the Philippines, and drawn by artist Nestor Redondo. However, technically Darna was not the first creation in their books. Before they properly made Darna into the character, they made Varga first.

Varga was the first superhero Mars created. Yes, with the creation of Varga, Mars did it alone. The writing and the art was all conceptualized by him. He first aired or should I say drew up and wrote Varga for Bulaklak Magazine. (Which is an old school Magazine) However, the concept is a little different. Varga did not have a stone that she needs to swallow.

Before Darna, there was Varga
Source: Wikipedia

A falling out with the editors in Bulaklak Magazine caused him to resign, and that’s where he revamped the heroine from Varga to Darna.

Some may say that Darna has a striking resemblance to Wonder Woman. The costume is practically the same. However, Mars made sure that Darna’s outfit is unique and different. She is mostly seen donning a stunning red bikini; red helmet with wings, gold bracelets, loincloth in the middle of her gold belt, and who would forget about knee high boots?

Darna / Narda have been portrayed by various actresses and all of them were flaming hot! From Rosa del Rosario, Liza Moreno, Eva Montes, Gina Pareño, Vilma Santos, Lorna Tolentino, Rio Locsin, Sharon Cuneta, Nanette Medved, Anjanette Abayari, Regine Velasquez, Angel Locsin, and Marian Rivera. Liza Soberano will be starring as the next Darna / Narda which is going to a movie.

To be continued…

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