Part 2: Shelter and Rough Waters

Being a tropical country, your guiding light for your trip must be a random website you checked saying that they’re the best and they’re the most cost-efficient hotel/resort around town. I am not saying do not believe them but here are some tips in picking out the best spot for a summer vacation here in the Philippines.

Your first choice to read should be BLOGS, not websites.

Experience will definitely be your best bet, and if you happen to be a first timer, better let the grown-ups talk and let you know how they rate the place you want to stay in. Pinoy travel blogs are riddled with tips and tricks on how to take affordability to the next level! Not only that, if you’re probably looking for a Do-It-Yourself tour of the place you want to be, most likely they can provide you with the proper itinerary so that you can basically control your time rather than going along with a guide and a group who will rush you to their next stop.

When all else fails…

When all else fails, ask a local. Most of the locals from the province will recommend you their choice of itinerary based on what your preferences are, and won’t charge you an arm and a leg. They will likely tell you, “Kayo na po ang bahala.” (You be the judge).

Boracay v2.0!


You can never go wrong with our Beaches! Aaaaahhh… Beaches. We Pinoys take pride in our warm sandy beaches scattered all throughout the country. And your best choice is probably, BORACAY. Since its recent rehabilitation, the place finally rose from the ashes and transformed to a more beautiful slice of bliss. Definitely a place to travel to! Thanks to the current government who finally saw what’s wrong with the place’s status. The newly improved attraction is now open for tourists and locals alike!

BUT, why stop at Boracay when there are literally hundreds of beaches and coves you can check out. Don’t take my word for it; instead, check our beaches out!

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