Part 1: The First Steps!

If you’re looking into visiting the lovely island of the Philippines, there are a couple of things you should know and do before you do so. Firstly, we may be one of the most hospitable country in Asia but not everything is all rainbows when you arrive. Just like any other beautiful things in the world, we have our bad sides. Albeit few, it exists. So now, before you go to the Philippines and touch Pinoy Soil, below are a couple of things you should do before getting to that plane:

Download the Grab Taxi App.

Yes, before you even grab your bags and get on that jet plane, make sure you this app handy. Reason is when you get out the airport;you will be greeted by our very own Air Port Taxis! Don’t ride those. I mean it and this is not a DRILL. Do not ride those. They charge a whole lot compare to normal Taxis and you will definitely not like it. So once you arrive, fire up the app and get yourself a cab.

That “Real Pinoy” Friend.

If you’re going here in the Philippines, it would be best to have someone with you to ride shotgun along with your trip. Either you’re here for a vacation or a staying for a business trip; it definitely pays off if you have a friend who knows the way around town.

More tips to come on the next episodes!

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Psst! And we don’t follow the infamous ‘Filipino Time’. 🙂