Part 3: Basic Tagalog

Manong tatawad ba kayo? Saan kayo pupunta? Ano ang hanap nyo? Kamusta kaibigan? Doon kayo pumunta ser. Lunes po ngayon at bumalik nalang kayo bukas.

These are just a couple of lines you hear around the Philippines. And believe it or not, these are very useful things to understand. Especially if you’re travelling alone. So here’s a couple of Tagalog words you should remember and learn before embarking on the journey to the Philippines:

  1. Magkano po ito? Or Magkano po?

This is as basic as you could get. The meaning of this line is, “How much is this?”. Knowing this very important tagalog word is needed whenever you’re buy souvenirs, taking a cab or renting that small raft or boatwhenever you’re in the beach.

  • Paano pumunta sa… (Name of Place)?

Another basic line. This translates to How to get to… (Name of Place). A need-to-learn tagalog line if you’re solo riding or running around town without a Pinoy guide. Most people who don’t know this end up running around in circles. Though most of our cab drivers know Basic English, it is definitely a plus if you yourself can understand and talk Tagalog.

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